Andrea Mitchell

MSNBC Notes ‘Striking Difference’ in Trump’s Reaction to Texas Shooting, NYC Terror Attack

Adam Schiff: Uranium One Probe Part of a Distraction Pushed by White House, Fox, Breitbart

Megyn Kelly Invokes ‘Fox News’s Problems on This Front’ While Talking Weinstein on MSNBC

State Dept. Defends Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Edict: ‘The Kind of Language Kim Jong-un Will Understand’

Andrea Mitchell: ‘We Do Not Believe That the Generals Signed Off’ on Trump North Korea Threat

Brian Williams: It’s ‘Our Job’ to ‘Scare People To Death’ Over North Korea

Shocker: MSNBC Panel Turns Segment Praising Past Presidents Into a Dig at Trump

Heather Nauert Spars With Andrea Mitchell Over ‘Stalled’ Ambassador Appointments

Al Franken Reveals Private Discussions with Kathy Griffin

Andrea Mitchell: Trump’s Lecturing of World Leaders at NATO Was ‘Painful to Watch’

Rex Tillerson Cannot Confirm That the Oval Office Has Not Been Bugged By the Russians

‘Extraordinarily Improper’: Scarborough Shocked Trump Admitted To Checking On an Investigation on Himself

WHCD Red Carpet: Who Has Emerged As New Journalism Stars in Trump’s First 100 Days

WHCD Red Carpet: Acosta, Mitchell and Tapper Speculate on What Trump Thinks of Them

WHCD Red Carpet: Tapper, Sharpton and More Tell Mediaite Whether Trump ‘Good or Bad’ for Media

‘People Just Flat Out Lie’: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Rips Trump in Scathing Interview

‘Absolutely False’: Susan Rice Denies Allegations of Political Unmasking Trump Staffers

Andrea Mitchell on Tillerson Traveling Without Press: Undercuts a ’Key Component of Foreign Policy’

MSNBC Now Using Andrea Mitchell’s ‘Unruly’ Moment in Network’s ‘This is Who We Are’ Campaign

‘That Does it for This Unruly Edition’: Andrea Mitchell Responds On Air to O’Reilly’s Twitter Diss (UPDATED)

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