Andrea Mitchell

John Brennan: Trump Shouldn’t Meet with Saudi Prince — He Should Make Him an ‘International Pariah’

Andrea Mitchell Falsely Says Broward Election Supervisor ‘Is a Republican’: ‘She’s Hardly a Democratic Official’

NBC’s Meet the Press Says Trump Calling Mattis a Dem May Be ‘A Tell’ About Firing: ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’

Andrea Mitchell to Pompeo on Trump’s Ford Tweet: Is That the ‘American Value’ We Should Be Teaching Women?

H.R. McMaster Hails ‘Unifying Force’ McCain… Then Totally Ducks Question on Trump Flag Fiasco

Mediaite’s Ranking of Best Cable News Show at Noon: John King vs. Andrea Mitchell vs. Outnumbered

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Goes Off on Trump for ‘Shunning’ McCain During Bill Signing: ‘Where is the Grace?’

Morning Joe Rips Trump Rally in Tampa: ‘This is What Autocrats Do’

Morning Joe Gives Andrea Mitchell a Round of Applause for 40 Years at NBC

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Compares Trump to Stalin: Calling The Press ‘The Enemy’ is ‘Very Dangerious’

DNI Dan Coats Speaks Out on Trump’s Putin-Presser: ‘I Wish He Had Made a Different Statement’

WATCH: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Flabbergasted By DHS Sec. Nielsen’s Charlottesville Remarks

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell: There’s Never Been Summit Between KGB Spymaster and POTUS Who Spent Weekend Golfing

No, Andrea Mitchell; Mueller’s Indictment of Russians Didn’t Prove a Trump-Russia ‘Nexus’

Ben Rhodes: The Government Can’t Control People’s Facebook Feeds and That Worries Me

Andrea Mitchell Asks Joy Reid Awkward Question on What It Takes to Get Fired From TV Show

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Slams Trump for ‘Spy’ Claims: He’s a ‘Master of Mischaracterization and Dishonesty’

CNN, NYT, ABC News, C-SPAN Take Trump Out of Context to Falsely Suggest He Called Immigrants ‘Animals’

Andrea Mitchell: Kim Jong Un Has ‘Gained the Propaganda Advantage’

VP Pence on Mueller Investigation: ‘It’s Time to Wrap It Up’

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