‘He’s Not Some Lunatic’: Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon Analyze Bizarre, ‘Deep State’ Claims From Overstock’s Ex-CEO Patrick Byrne


After a wild, rambling interview with Overstock’s former CEO Patrick Byrne, CNN host Chris Cuomo analyzed the many bizarre claims made by the business tycoon with fellow primetime host Don Lemon: “He’s not some lunatic.”

Still reacting to the numerous, “deep state” conspiracy accusations that Byrne had made about Russian spy Maria Butina and a covert FBI counter-intelligence campaign during the 2016 election orchestrated by then-Director James Comey, the pair were still clearly stunned by what had just transpired.

“We’re living in unprecedented times. You don’t know,” Lemon said of Byrne’s incredible story. ” Listen, it’s interesting because, speaking for the people at home as I’m watching it the first time, I’m like, what is he saying, because this whole deep state thing was supposed to be about setting up Donald Trump, yet he’s saying that Hillary Clinton was set up.”

“If I had even sensed that this was about a political agenda or some Infowars BS like that, I would never have him on the show,” Cuomo emphasized. “But I know him, I’ve tracked his career over the years, his website has got some stuff on it that is certainly controversial.”

Lemon seemed to think that characterization was a tad generous, however. “He is a conspiracy theorist of sorts,” Lemon said, which prompted a quick, sideways glance from Cuomo.

“He’s not some lunatic,” Cuomo quickly countered. “Again, his company was a $745 million company. I’m not saying you can’t be rich and cuckoo, I’m saying that he’s always sounded like that. When I interviewed him in 1998/’98. Look, either he’s got the names or he doesn’t.”

“He’s going to get eaten alive by us as we go through the fact checking of it. And that’s OK. That’s the rigor that a situation like this is going to warrant,” Cuomo explained, before turning upside-down the typical journalistic process of corroborating someone’s outrageous, unverified claims first prior to broadcasting them to millions of people. “You know, we’re putting in calls right now to Warren Buffett and he’s either not going to comment or he’s going to comment and say this is true or not true. Not the underlying story because I don’t think he has proof of that. Either he has pictures of him and Butina or he doesn’t.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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