Hillary Clinton

Hillary Claps Back at GOP Using Her Campaign Slogan for Trump: ‘Now Copy My Plan on Health Care’

GOP Tweets Trump Slogan Literally Ripped Off From Hillary Clinton Campaign

Former Campaign Aide Responds to Klobuchar’s Clinton Burn: She ‘Should Thank Hillary’

Hillary Clinton Lauds Pelosi: ‘It Often Takes a Woman to Get the Job Done’

Hillary Alum Pushes Back on Stelter for Calling Ocasio-Cortez Media Critiques ‘Trumpian’

Dan Savage Trashes Trump Supporters to Maher: ‘Racist White Dumb-F*cks’

Kirsten Gillibrand to Run for Office as a Younger, More Relatable Hillary Clinton

Watch Trump AG Pick Bill Barr Tell Senate ‘I Don’t Subscribe to This Lock Her Up Stuff’

GOP Senator Chuck Grassley Scolds Trump Over Troop Withdrawals: ‘You Shouldn’t Embolden Taliban’

Fox & Friends Shreds Comey: In a ‘Popularity Contest’, FBI Agents Would Pick Fox News Over Fired Director

James Comey to Lawmakers: ‘No Serious Person’ Thinks There’s a Case Against Clinton Over Emails

Comey Strikes New Deal With Republicans on Testimony on Condition Transcript Be Released

Hillary Clinton: Trump Is Part of the Saudi Arabia’s ‘Coverup’ of Jamal Khashoggi Murder

Ivanka Says ‘Lock Her Up’ Doesn’t Apply to Her: ‘No Connection’ Between My Emails and Hillary’s

Trump Quotes Fox & Friends Guest to Accuse Clinton of ‘Illegally’ Playing ‘Power Game’ With Foundation

Jeanine Pirro Slams Hillary Clinton on Immigration: She’s Either ‘Had a Lobotomy’ or Been in the Woods Too Long

Turning Point USA Staffer Apologizes After She Compared Hillary Clinton to Herpes on Fox News

Fox News’ The Five Gives Thanks to Hillary Clinton For Providing Endless Content

Joe Scarborough Gives His Holiday Thanks to Hillary Clinton: She ‘Deserves Better’

Hillary Clinton Takes a Flamethrower to Fox News: ‘Superb Propaganda’

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