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Touching Photo of Bushes, Obamas, Clintons, and Melania Trump at Barbara Bush’s Funeral Goes Viral

Comey Says We’d Be Better Off With Hillary as POTUS…Hours After Punting on Exact Same Question From Tapper

Fox News Guest Loses It on Ex-Clinton Aide Philippe Reines: ‘You Can’t Answer The Question You Fraud!’

CNN’s Toobin: Comey May Get in Trouble for ‘The Kind of Thing That Hillary Clinton Was Tortured About’

New Book Dishes on How Clinton Staff Worked to ‘Maximize’ Trump in GOP Primary

Bill Clinton Has Reportedly Peddled Conspiracy Theory the NYT Made a Deal With Trump to Trash Hillary

James Comey Says He’s Nonpartisan and in No One’s ‘Pocket’

Andrew Napolitano Calls on Jeff Sessions to Prosecute Hillary Clinton For ‘Espionage’

Joe diGenova Slams James Comey Over Email Probe: ‘What He Did To Hillary Clinton Was Criminal’

Ex-Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta Goes After Comey: ‘Arrogance’ Led Him to Make a ‘Very Bad Error’

Dershowitz Slams Trump For ‘Dead Wrong’ Tweet: Comey ‘Did Not Commit Many Crimes’

Comey: I Made a Mistake Describing How ‘Sloppy’ Clinton Was With Her Email Scandal

Comey Defends FBI’s ‘Competent’ and ‘Independent’ Handling of Clinton Email Probe: ‘I Would Bet My Life on It’

Ahead of Comey’s Big ABC Interview, Here Are the Five Craziest Things We Know From His Book So Far

James Comey: Assumption Hillary Would Win Was ‘A Factor’ in Decision to Release October Letter

Jake Tapper Confronts RNC Chair: You Care About Comey Lying But Not Trump?

Katy Tur Clashes With Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Can You Answer the Question Without Using Hillary Clinton’s Name?’

Ex-Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook Hits Comey Over New Book: Wish He Had ‘Reflected A Bit More Deeply’

Russia-Tied Reddit Account Reportedly Promoted Fake Hillary Clinton Sex Tape

Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt: ‘Where Were These Raids When Hillary Clinton Was Whitewashing?’

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