Hillary Clinton

Fox & Friends Agrees With Hillary Clinton: If Dems Lose Midterms, Trump’s Going to Fire Everyone

WATCH: Rachel Maddow Invokes Bill Clinton to Ask Hillary if Kavanaugh Deserves Due Process

Hillary Clinton Declares Democracy is in Crisis: Trump Has Sunk Below Bar He Set in ‘Ugly’ Campaign

Matt Schlapp, Antjuan Seawright Clash Over Kavanaugh: ‘Your Party Doesn’t Run the Senate Now!’

Hillary Clinton Panned For Spreading Debunked Abortion Claim About Brett Kavanaugh

Ken Starr Says He Almost Charged Hillary Clinton With Perjury

Scarborough: No Presidential Candidate Has Been Treated as Badly as Two Years After Election as Hillary Clinton

Trump Wants DOJ to Look at China Hacking Clinton Emails After Daily Caller Report

Hillary Clinton: John McCain Understood in the Marrow of His Bones What It Meant to Be American

Rudy Giuliani Calls on DOJ to Investigate Hillary Clinton: ‘Wake Up. Where’s the Indictment?’

WATCH: Sacha Baron Cohen Asks Howard Dean About Hillary Clinton’s Gender

Trump Gleefully Predicts Andrew Cuomo’s Political Demise: His ‘Career is Over!’

Trump Orders SEC to Look Into Idea Floated Three Years Ago… By Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Anthony Scaramucci Defend LeBron James in Wake of Trump’s Twitter Attack

Trump Falsely Claims He Won the Women’s Vote in 2016: I Got More Than Hillary Did

Sessions Pulls Back from ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants: ‘Perhaps Should Have’ Advised Teens ‘You’re Presumed Innocent’

Fox and Friends: Cohen Tapes Are ‘Just the Beginning’ of Lanny Davis’ ‘Payback’ for Trump Beating Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright Set to Make Cameos on CBS’ Madam Secretary

Jeff Sessions Laughs, Joins Chants of ‘Lock Her Up’ During Speech to High Schoolers

Scarborough Accuses Fox Hosts of Retreating to ‘Clinton Email Stories’ When There’s ‘Damning News’ About Trump

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