Hillary Clinton

Trump: Comey ‘The Best Thing That Ever Happened to’ Hillary Clinton

Sen. Judiciary Committee Launches Probe In Russia Corruption Surrounding Uranium Deal

Hannity on Uranium One Deal: ‘Hillary Clinton and Her Husband Sold Out America to the Russians’

FBI Reportedly Found Evidence Tying Obama Admin’s Uranium Deal With Russia, to Clinton Foundation

Harvard Law Professor Imagines Scenario in Which Hillary Clinton Becomes President…This Term

Trump Says He Wants Hillary Clinton to Run Again in 2020

Hillary Clinton Slams Julian Assange: ‘Nihilistic Opportunist’ Who ‘Does ‘Bidding of a Dictator’

Julian Assange Hits Back at ‘Constant Lying’ and ‘Cold Creepiness’ of Hillary Clinton

Huckabee, When Asked If Trump ‘Admitted Sexual Assault’: ‘Don’t Recall’ That Happening

Hillary: ‘We Just Elected a Person Who Admitted Sexual Assault to the Presidency’

Ainsley Earhardt: Clinton’s Staffers Told Me Not Appearing on Fox & Friends ‘Was One of Her Biggest Mistakes’

#ImWithHer Twitter is Furious at Anthony Bourdain for Calling Hillary’s Weinstein Response ‘Shameful’

Hillary Clinton Speaks Out on ‘Sick’ Weinstein Allegations, Says She’s Giving Donations to Charity

Conway Slams Clinton Over Weinstein Response: ‘A Hypocrite About Women’s Empowerment’

CNN’s Erin Burnett on Clinton’s Weinstein Condemnation: ‘Too Bad She Was One of the Last To Do So’

Tucker Carlson: The DOJ Should Investigate ‘Hollywood’s Culture of Systemic Sexual Abuse’

CNN’s Toobin: Obama and Clinton’s Relationships with Weinstein a ‘Real Blot’ on Their Records

Obamas Statement on Weinstein: ‘Needs to be Condemned and Held Accountable’

Kellyanne Conway: Hillary Was Way Quicker to Blame the NRA Than to Denounce Weinstein

After Clinton Releases Statement on Weinstein, CNN’s Dana Bash Asks: ‘Where Are the Obamas?’

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