Hillary Clinton

Don Lemon Blasts Jack Kingston For Blaming Birtherism on Hillary: ‘I Won’t Be the Purveyor of Fake News’

Jesse Watters Defends Trump From Media Criticism: What About Benghazi?

Hillary Clinton: ‘Incitement of Hatred’ that Lead to Charlottesville is ‘Real and Condemnable’

Benghazi’s Back! Judge Orders State Dept to Obtain Emails From Clinton Aides

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Reflects on How the Media Missed Trump Victory: ‘I Got It Wrong’

Jason Chaffetz Doubts Rod Rosenstein Will Prosecute Leakers: ‘Absolutely Zero Credibility On This’

Tracing Hillary Clinton’s Comeback as a Private Citizen

Trump Calls For ‘Prosecutors’ to Investigate Hillary Prompting ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant

James Comey Inks Book Deal

John Podesta on Ever-Changing Don Jr. Statement: ‘This is Trump Family Values’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Trump-Russia is a Non-Story….Because of Hillary Clinton!

Sarah Sanders Defends Trump for Reportedly Dictating Son’s Russian Lawyer Statement

POTUS Once Again Calls Russia Probe ‘Witch Hunt,’ Claims ‘Russia Was Against Trump’

Hillary Clinton’s Memoir Will Be an Unapologetic Roast of Patriarchal Politics

Twitter Snarks Over Hillary Clinton’s New Book Title What Happened

Great News GOP — Hillary Book Doubles-Down on Russia, Comey Excuses for Loss

‘She Should Run’ Campaign Encouraging Female Candidates is About More Than Feminism

In an Era where ‘Team’ is Everything, What ‘Team’ is Trump Actually On?

Jake Tapper to Chuck Schumer: Are Democrats Now ’Making the Same Mistakes’ Hillary Did?

Judge Jeanine: We Can’t Have ‘President Subject to Ongoing Criminal Investigation’

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