Hillary Clinton

Trump Accuses Google of ‘Helping China and their Military’ But Not the U.S.

Colbert Thinks Things Would Be Different if Hillary Won: People Would Call POTUS to Say ‘I Love You’ Not ‘I’d Love a Pardon’

Fox News Guest Steamrolled By Kennedy’s Fervor for Investigating Hillary Clinton: ‘You Like Pointing and Yelling at Me’

Lindsey Graham Calls For Hillary Clinton Special Counsel Before Mueller Report Released: Anyone Else Would Be ‘In Jail Now’

Ex-Hillary Aide Calls Out ‘Double-Standard’ of Beto Launch: Imagine a Woman Saying ‘I Was Born to Do This’

No Democrat Has a Coherent Plan For Reparations, Bernie’s Just Sounds the Worst

Trump Reacts to New Transcripts from Lisa Page’s Testimony: Obama’s DOJ Was a ‘Broken and Corrupt Machine’

Joe Scarborough Chides Media Obsession with ‘Latest Fad’ AOC: She Only Got 15k Votes, Hillary Got 65 Million

Former Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly Says He Would Have Worked for Hillary Clinton If Asked

Washington Post Fact Checker Finds Hillary Clinton Got a Lot Wrong in Claims of Voter Suppression

Former Clinton Staffer Calls Out ‘Obsession’ With Hillary After Fox News Anchor Asks If She’s Running

Don’t Count Her Out? Hillary Clinton Reportedly ‘Surprised’ by How Definitively People Took 2020 Announcement

Hillary Clinton Subtweets Trump with Mean Girls GIF: ‘Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?’

Trump Mockingly Responds to Clinton Saying She Won’t Run in 2020: ‘Aw-shucks’

Hillary Clinton Allies Snipe at Sanders: Half of Bernie’s Early Donors ‘Were Named Vladimir’

CNN Voter Panel of Clinton Supporters Implore Hillary to Not to Meddle in the 2020 Race: ‘Stay Away!’

Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m Not Running’ in 2020

Hillary Clinton: I Lost Wisconsin After Voters Were Turned Away at the Polls ‘Because of the Color of Their Skin’

‘These People Are Sick’: Trump Mocks Media for Coverage of His ‘Russia, If You’re Listening…’ Comments at CPAC

Bernie Sanders Says He Won’t Seek 2020 Advice From Hillary: We Have ‘Fundamental Differences’

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