Ilhan Omar Says Bernie’s Student Debt Bill Isn’t Giveaway to Rich Because Trump’s Kids Aren’t Taking Student Loans


Rising progressive star and Democratic Michigan Congresswoman Ilhan Omar responded to criticism of a plan she’s introduced — along with Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders — to cancel all student debt, without exceptions or income limits, by noting that “The children of Donald Trump aren’t asking or taking out student loans.”

On Monday, Omar spoke at a press conference with Sanders and others to introduce a bill that would cancel $1.6 trillion in student debt.

“What my bill does is simple as it is revolutionary,” Omar said, name-checking Sanders and adding, “It cancels all of 1.6 trillion student loan debt. No exceptions, no questions asked, full cancellation.”

“You might ask why full cancellation? What about the people who can pay off their student debt?” Rep. Omar continued. “Well, let me say this. The children of Donald Trump aren’t asking or taking out student loans. Canceling student debt is a problem of the poor and the middle class, not of the rich.”

“So rather than making exceptions, let’s end this crisis entirely, once and for all,” Omar said.

Massachusetts Senator and rival Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has already released her own student debt plan, which caps debt relief at $50,000 and applies only to families making less than $250,000 a year.

Trump kids notwithstanding, a recent analysis by the Urban Institute found that “most outstanding student debt is held by people with relatively high incomes.”

The analysis found that “the most affluent households—the top 25 percent of households with the highest earnings—held 34 percent of all outstanding education debt. The top 10 percent of households, with incomes of $173,000 or higher, held 11 percent of the debt.”

And a 2014 Pew study found the highest rate of student borrowing was among the highest income quartile.

Watch the clip above, via The Washington Post.

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