Joe Walsh Drops Out of Presidential Race, Says He’d ‘Rather Have a Socialist Than a Dictator’ in White House


Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh announced he is ending his presidential campaign, but will continue to work to defeat President Donald Trump because he would rather see a “socialist” in the White House than a “dictator.”

On Friday morning’s edition of CNN New day, anchor John Berman introduced Walsh by noting that he finished a distant third behind Trump in the Iowa Republican caucuses with 1.1% support, to Trump’s 97%.

Walsh told Berman “I am ending my candidacy for president of the United States,” and added “I got into this because I thought it was really important that there was a Republican out there every day calling out this president for how unfit he is” but he discovered that Trump “can’t be stopped within the Republican party” because “it’s not a party, it’s a cult.”

“So you’re out of the Republican race, what now?” Berman asked.

Walsh said that he will “do whatever I can to stop Trump,” and that “this is one of those rare moments in American history, I’m a conservative, where conservatives and liberals Republicans and Democrats independents and moderates got to come together to stop this guy.”

Walsh said that he’s prepared to support “any Democrat” because “Donald Trump is a dictator, he is a king, he literally is the greatest threat to this country right now. Any Democrat would be better than Trump in the White House.”

Berman went on to ask Walsh “Would you support Bernie Sanders, and I ask you, you’re a former tea party Republican, and you’re saying to me that, you would support Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren?”

“I would rather have, John Berman, a socialist in the White House than a dictator, than a king, than Donald Trump,” Walsh replied. “I would encourage, John, everybody listening to us right now you’ve got a Democrat debate tonight, you’ve got the New Hampshire primary, we’ve got to get engaged and pay attention to these Democrats and find out what the best Democrat can be.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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