Dianne Feinstein Has to Be Reminded By Colleague to ‘Just Say Aye’ After Becoming Confused During Senate Vote


The oldest and longest-serving U.S Senator, Democrat Dianne Feinstein of California appeared to become confused during a vote on the defense appropriations bill on Thursday.

The 90-year-old Democrat launched into an unprompted speech when she was called upon to vote, but was set back on track by Sen. Patty Murray of Washington who told her to “just say aye.”

When her name was called to vote on the defense appropriations bill, Feinstein began reading from her prepared remarks leading to an awkward moment; “I would like to support a ‘yes’ vote on this. It provides $823 billion, that’s an increase of $26 billion for the Department of Defense. It funds priorities submitted –”

Murray, who was seated next to Feinstein, then jumped in to bring a quick end to her colleague’s speech, saying, “Just say aye.”

“Okay — aye,” Feinstein conceded.

This moment was the latest instance in a series that have raised concerns among both Democrats and Republicans over Feinstein’s apparent cognitive decline and health issues.

Most recently, Feinstein had a battle with shingles that spiraled into other health-related complications including encephalitis and Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Feinstein’s lapse of awareness during the roll-call vote along with Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) medical episode on the podium yesterday are providing exigence for Americans to call for age and term limits in Washington.

Since her election in 1992, Feinstein has passed laws for gun control, been a proponent of wilderness protection, and confronted drug addiction in America. In 2017, Feinstein became the first woman to be the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee – a role she held until 2021.

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