Walmart Twitter Account Goes Rogue! Supermarket Calls Josh Hawley a Sore Loser For Electoral College Objection


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Walmart is not just known for being the world’s largest retailer and a major resource for many Americans. It can now be known for calling Senator Josh Hawley a sore loser.

The official and verified account of Walmart replied to a Hawley tweet that announced his controversial plans to object to the Senate certification of the Electoral College results on January 6th. The now-deleted tweet, captured by The Daily Beast’s political savant Lachlan Markay, read, “Go ahead. Get your 2 hour debate. #soreloser”

Walmart is headquartered in Missouri’s neighboring state of Arkansas, but Walmart’s ownership has a significant footprint in St. Louis, as well as 117 store locations, which ranks third in the nation.

Hawley is receiving bipartisan attention (both praise and criticism) for his giving favor to the baseless conspiracy theory put forth by President Donald Trump that the 2020 general election has somehow been stolen from him. As New York Times reporter Peter Baker noted on Twitter, Hawley’s objection gives Trump a key legislative victory as it allows the Trump camp to force debates and votes by both houses.

Hawley’s brash statement will surely endear him to President Trump and his followers, but it flouts the obvious direction given to GOP Senators from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Hawley’s announcement surely puts him in play for a future Senate leadership role and perhaps lines him up as well for a 2024 Presidential strategy.

How does the official Twitter feed of a massive corporation tweet such a political dig? Most social media managers use third party tools to manage many Twitter feeds they oversee, and often include personal accounts. The individual managing the Walmart Twitter feed during the holiday break between Christmas and New Year’s Even almost certainly mistakenly posted a personal dig from the official account.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to imagine this particular employee staying employed after such a mistake.

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