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WATCH: Bernie Sanders Definitely Does Not Agree with Joe Biden That ‘We’ve Had Enough Debates’

Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders pushed back on former Vice President and current Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden for saying Democrats have had “enough debates,” saying that primaries delayed over the coronavirus pandemic provide an opportunity to debate systemic problems that the crisis has exposed.

Biden concluded a virtual press briefing Wednesday by responding to a reporter who asked if there should be a debate in April, saying that

But when CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Sanders about those remarks that night, the senator made it clear he wasn’t ready to call it quits.

“Vice President Biden was asked whether there should be another debate in April, he essentially said that the time is done for that. I wonder what you made of his response,” Cooper asked.

“Well, you know I don’t agree with him,” Sanders said, and delivered a lengthy case for more debates.

I think that what is happening right now obviously, it’s a very strange moment for any campaign, and that is state after state, I think Pennsylvania yesterday or today is delaying their elections, Kentucky has delayed their elections, New York State considering delaying their elections.

So we’ve got a strange moment, but I think one of the things I think the people want is especially in this unprecedented crisis in modern American history, is to hear the ideas of candidates as to how we got into this disaster.

Why do we have such a dysfunctional health care system? Why do we have an economy in which half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck, scared to death tonight that if their paycheck ceases, how they’re going to feed their kids and pay the rent.

So I think we need a good debate as to where we go not only just now, but in the future. And to my mind if there is anything that this unprecedented moment in American history should teach us, we gotta rethink the basic structures of American society. And that is guaranteed healthcare to all as a human right, create an economy that provides for all people, not just the wealthy.

From Sanders’ remarks, it’s unclear if he thinks the coronavirus is an opportunity to turn things around and win the race, or to influence the Democratic Party and voters with his policy ideas with such a debate, or both. But Sanders has faced pressure to drop out after a series of crushing primary defeats so that Democrats can focus on defeating President Donald Trump.

Biden holds a substantial delegate lead over Sanders, such that he could lose every remaining state by several points and still earn the nomination, and leads Sanders in national polls by around 18 points.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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