WATCH: Trump National Delegate Defends Racist Kamala Harris ‘Aunt Jemima’ Post Because Being Offended is the Real Racism


Trump national delegate “Damn” Dean Peterson defended a racist post that referred to Senator Kamala Harris as “Aunt Jemima” by arguing that believing others would see the post as racist is “racist within itself.”

Peterson spoke at a Luray Town Council meeting this week in defense of Republican Mayor Barry Presgraves, who faces calls for his resignation after he posted a racist meme that read “Joe Biden has just announced Aunt Jemima as his VP pick” a few weeks ago.

A MAGA-hatted Peterson introduced himself as “Damn Dean Peterson,” and began by boasting “I am also an elected national delegate to elect President Donald Trump to a second term of office. Of which I have done and gotten my name known within the 6th congressional district by outing unethical behavior and conduct by those in power and making sure they are held accountable when it comes time to vote. Of which I took care of another one on Saturday.”

“This is what I do because our Bible is at the ballot box against socialism, which is vile evil, which goes along with identity politics, which is nothing but racist thinking from within itself,” he continued, then added “When you subdivide and categorize citizens by the color of their skin it is racist. And to assume that everyone who would see that post would think it’s racist is racist within itself.”

He then spent several minutes railing against the “vile evils” of “the left,” and vilifying Councilmember Leah Pence ,who has called for the mayor’s resignation and participated in a protest march calling for his resignation.

Peterson exited the podium to a smattering of applause from white people.

Following the meeting, Peterson posted a photo on his own Facebook page of a sign that read “Joe and the Hoe,” which is part of a series of offensive custom signs commissioned by the owner of Rob Roy Auto in Salisbury, Massachusetts.

Presgraves apologized at the meeting after a parade of residents spoke out against him and demanded his resignation. He was then censured by the town council, with Pence dissenting because the statement did not specifically identify Presgrave’s posting as racist and sexist.

Watch above via the Town of Luray.

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