MSNBC Panelist Says GOP Has Set Themselves Up for ‘A Thousand-Year Reich’ With Kavanaugh Appointment

CNN Commentator Swipes at Toobin: Puerto Rico is Not Case of Trump ‘Ignoring People of Color’

CNN’s Toobin: Trump’s Talk of Violence After Election Is a Warning About ‘Scary Black People’

Corey Stewart Boasts of Black Support, Hilariously Fails to Name a Single Black Leader Backing Him

Trump Trolls Maxine Waters With Happy Birthday Wish

Charles Blow: If Trump’s N-Word Tape is Real, ‘It Might Actually Increase His Support’

Kellyanne Conway Denies Allegations in Omarosa’s Book: I’ve Never Heard Trump ‘Use a Racial Slur’

Steve Cortes Defends Trump During Heated CNN Clash: There is ‘Zero Evidence’ He’s Racist

CNN’s Victor Blackwell Calls Out Trump After Tweet Condemning ‘All Types of Racism’: ‘Remember His Record’

Tom Arnold Rips ‘Racist’ Trump, Says ‘White People are P*ssies’ in Off the Rails Panel

MSNBC Guest on Bannon’s Claim Trump Isn’t Racist: Shouldn’t Ask ‘A Racist if Someone Else is Racist’

Huckabee: Scarborough Should’ve Been Fired for Comments About ‘Racist’ Trump Supporters

CNN Debate Gets Intense: U.S. Will Be Mired in Racial Animus ‘Until White Folk Like You Can Stand Up and Find Your Spine’

Joel Payne Reacts to Bossie’s ‘Cotton-Picking’ Remark on MSNBC: ‘Par for the Course’ in Trumpworld

Fox’s David Bossie Tells Democrat Joel Payne ‘You’re Out of Your Cotton-Picking Mind’ About Dog Whistles

Mike Huckabee Defends Dog Whistling Twitter Dig: ‘Wasn’t Aware That Criminal Was a Race’

Roseanne Barr Claims Her Planet of the Apes Tweet Was About Anti-Semitism, Not Racism

Roseanne Barr Resurfaces on Twitter to Talk Malcolm X, Kanye West’s Album and NOT Being Racist

CNN Panel Explodes Over Race Issues: ‘The Problem Isn’t Roseanne Barr, The Problem is Donald Trump’

Don Lemon: ‘It’s My Obligation as a Journalist’ to Call Trump ‘Racist’

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