Don Lemon Rips Trump: ‘Just Because You Say You’re Not Racist Doesn’t Make It So’

Jerry Jones Makes Bizarre Comment About ‘A Black Girl’ (WATCH)

Lawsuit Alleges Tesla Factory Is ‘Hotbed for Racist Behavior’

The Media Ignores It, But We Just Learned Two More Major ‘Racism’ Episodes Were Fake

Bakari Sellers, Ed Martin Battle Over Trump’s Feud with Rep. Wilson: ‘Tell Me Her Lie!’

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Shouted Down During University Of Florida Speech

Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Website Posts Racist Video Mocking Native Americans for Columbus Day

WATCH: Air Force Academy Chief Tells Bigots to ‘Get Out’ in Dramatic Speech After Racist Incident

‘You Might Be a White Supremacist…’: Ta-Nehisi Coates Lists Examples of Trump’s Racism

Clinton: Trump ‘Has Given a Lot of Encouragement and Rhetorical Support’ to Racists

CNN Panelist Points to Trump Kissing Black Babies as Proof the President Isn’t Racist

Twitter Reacts to ‘Racism is as American as Baseball’ Banner at Fenway Park

Charlottesville Vice Mayor Defends Jemele Hill’s Anti-Trump Tweets: Where Is The Lie?

Wife of Texas A&M Coach Tweets Racist Hate Mail: ‘Did It Occur to You That a Child May Open it?’

AFL-CIO’s Trumka: WH Officials We Could Have Worked With on Trade ‘Turned Out to Be Racist’

Jesse Watters: ‘There’s No Racism in Football…All the Black Student Athletes Are Dominating’

WATCH: Man Claims Confederate Flag Isn’t ‘Symbol of Slavery,’ Then Calls MLK a ‘Coon’

Democratic Rep.: Trump Is ‘Clearly Racist’ and an ‘Abject Liar’

Conservative WaPo Blogger Jennifer Rubin Says Trump is ‘Absolutely’ Racist

The Terms ‘Alt-Left’ and ‘Alt-Right’ Establish a Dangerous False Equivalence

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