A FL Sheriff Threatened to ‘Lock Up’ Tim Cook If He Ever Needed Info From a Suspect’s iPhone

The saga of Apple vs. the American Government is continuing. Following Apple CEO Tim Cook‘s refusal to unlock the phone of the suspected San Bernadino shooter, everyone and their brother has been offering up an opinion. Even President Barack Obama weighed in today during an appearance at SXSW. Now, a sheriff in Florida has said the following:

Here’s the important part:

I can tell you, the first time we do have trouble getting into a cell phone, we’re going to seek a court order from Apple. And when they deny us, I’m going to go lock the CEO of Apple up. I’ll lock the rascal up.

That quote comes courtesy of Polk County’s Sheriff Grady Judd, who granted an interview to Fox 13 News. The purpose of the Apple-related portion of the interview seems to have been that Judd wanted to speak entirely in hypotheticals about what he would do in a situation in which he couldn’t access a phone’s contents.

Four people who have been charged with murder in the county willingly gave over their passcodes to his team recently, so for now, it is a non-issue.

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