After Trump Goes Golfing, Sean Spicer Gets Roasted for Old Tweet

Today, Donald Trump went golfing for the 12th time in the nine weeks he has been president. That’s not really a big deal, of course. Presidents can golf! Considering that he is now golfing more than any of his predecessors did and routinely lambasted Barack Obama for golfing, though, he’s getting a lot of heat for the hypocrisy.

The White House knows this, which is why they keep his golf outings quiet.

After Instagram photos surfaced that showed Trump in cleats at his golf club, thus contradicting reports he was having “meetings,” Twitter went nuts.

Specifically, this old tweet from Sean Spicer started getting a lot of play.

Just a few days ago during a press conference, Spicer defended Trump’s right to “privacy” when asked about the president’s frequent golfing, so you can see why the tweet — sent during Obama’s time in office — is causing such a fuss.

Some notable reactions:

This isn’t Spicer first Twitter-related issue. He tweeted out what looked like a private message a few weeks ago and before that, sent out a tweet that seemed to contain a password of some sort.

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