‘At Least She’s Only Plagiarizing Herself’: Trevor Noah Slams Melania For CNN and Fox Interviews

On tonight’s broadcast of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah highlighted Melania Trump’s extremely similar interviews she gave to CNN and Fox News in the wake of the Access Hollywood tape and the multiple accusations leveled against her husband.

Noting that since “Russia has failed to shift the polls in his favor,” Noah pointed out that Donald Trump turned to his “other Eastern European ally for help.” Highlighting Mrs. Trump’s dual interviews with CNN and Fox, the Comedy Central host told the audience that “in case you were wondering why it took Melania ten days from the Billy Bush tape to speak out, from the looks of it, she was using that time to practice her lines.”

Playing clips from both interviews side-by-side, Noah showed how Melania Trump seemingly had the same answers and canned responses memorized for each interviewer.

Following the clip, Noah called back to the last time Melania was in the public eye.

“Look on the bright side,” the South African comic said. “At least she’s only plagiarizing herself now — so that is progress.”

He then moved on to her talking about Donald Trump’s comments to Billy Bush being nothing but “boy talk.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

[image via screengrab]

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