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Bad Lip Reading, Mitt Romney Edition: ‘Now You Got Me Whispering To A Freak’

If you’re unfamiliar with the “Bad Lip Reading” video series, then. Well, I can’t even imagine what you do at work all day to make the time go by. Mitt Romney is the latest politician to undergo the “Bad Lip Reading” treatment and, ooooh Brigham Young, is he handsome is it funny.

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I’ve listened to and transcribed enough videos of politicians (all along the political spectrum) to realize that people in Washington have the uncanny and mesmerizing ability to talk, at length, without ever really saying anything. After a while, it becomes so much buzzing and whistling and mooing. And that definitely adds an extra layer to these videos: Campaigning politicians could very well be talking about tossing fish at television sets or “forcing spiders and badgers on the enemy” and no one would so much as bat an eyelash. Or sing a song about llamas.

Have a look for yourselves:

h/t BuzzFeed

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