Mob of Protesters Harasses Nancy Pelosi in Florida: 'You Don't Belong Here You F**king Communist!'

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Tucker Carlson Says Ruling Class 'Hyped and Manufactured' Khashoggi's Death to Push Their Own Goals

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Saudi Arabia’s Khashoggi Announcement Met With Serious Skepticism: ‘We Weren’t Born Yesterday'

Saudis Confess Khashoggi Was Killed, Claim He 'Died in Fight'

Sarah Sanders Rips Joaquin Castro for ‘Outrageous Slanderous Lie’ About Jared Kushner

Mueller May Have Evidence GOP Operative Who Took His Own Life Had ‘Foreknowledge’ of Hacks

Sen. Durbin Responds to Trump Blasting Democratic 'Mob': His Supporters Are Still Chanting 'Lock Her Up!'

Details Revealed From Bolton and Kelly's Profane Fight Over Shutting Down Border: 'I'm F*cking Out of Here'


Twitter is Shielding Louis Farrakhan and It's Truly Inexplicable

Twitter should either enforce their own rules or not have any at all. Because the egregious double standards they’ve set for Farrakhan are overwhelming. 

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