BREAKING: Avenatti Arrested And Charged With Trying to Extort $20 Million From Nike

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WATCH: Lindsey Graham Snaps at Reporter for Suggesting 'Conflict of Interest' During Mueller Presser

Trump Rages Over 'Treasonous' Actions of People Behind Mueller Probe: They've Done 'Very Evil Things' Against Our Country

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Kellyanne Conway Suggests James Comey Should Be Brought In for Questioning, Get a Lawyer

Watch: Kirsten Gillibrand Calls Trump a 'Coward' Right in Front of Trump Tower

Brit Hume Blasts Media Coverage of Trump-Russia: 'Worst Journalistic Debacle of My Lifetime'

'Pump the Brakes': Watch The View Pay Off Two Years of Mueller Hype With Straw-Grasping Show Opener

WATCH LIVE: Trump and Israeli PM Netanyahu Deliver Remarks

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Dodges When Asked if She Accepts Mueller Finding No Collusion

ABC's Jon Karl Defends Media Coverage of Mueller Probe: 'How Could Reporters Not Cover That?'

Dem Rep. Nadler, 20 Years Ago: If Clinton Committed Obstruction It’s Not Impeachable

Bret Baier: 'Far Fetched' to Say Barr's Letter is Biased With 'Champion of the Left' Rod Rosenstein Consulting

Watch: Kamala Harris Demands AG Barr Be Hauled Before Congress Over Mueller Report

Carl Bernstein Defends Media's Russia Coverage: 'One Of the Great Reporting Jobs' In History

Trump Lawyer: We Would 'Fight Very Aggressively' to Stop Release of Trump's Written Answers to Mueller

‘The Petition Is Denied’: Supreme Court Won’t Hear Mystery Mueller Opponent’s Case

Why the Barr/Trump 'President Can’t Obstruct Justice Without a Crime' Precedent Is Very Wrong

NYT's Michael Schmidt: Mueller Report 'Not Satisfying' Without Trump Testimony

Ex-Prosecutor Throws Down With MSNBC's Ari Melber on Mueller Report: 'That's a Cheap Shot!'

Morning Joe Declares 'Best Day' of Trump Presidency: 'Good News' for All Americans He Didn't Conspire with Russia

Kellyanne Conway Says Adam Schiff Should Resign Over Mueller Findings

Dan Abrams Suggests AG Barr Overreached By Clearing Trump on Obstruction: That's 'Not Supposed to Be His Role'

Preet Bharara Points Out the One Issue Where Dems Blew Their Chance to Complain


‘Kill or Be Killed’: Inside the Ad Boycotts and Power Transfers Shaping the New Fox News

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