'I Am Pissed Off': Hannity Calls for 'Day of Reckoning' After Mueller Investigation, Rips CNN and MSNBC

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Glenn Greenwald Rips MSNBC to Tucker Carlson: They Fed People ‘Total Disinformation’ and Exploited Fears on Russia

Stephen Colbert to Trump: 'I’m Sorry That You’re a Terrible President'

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WATCH: Giuliani Falsely Claims Mueller Was Paid $30 Million for Russia Probe

Morning Joe Shames Lindsey Graham For Admitting He Told McCain to Give Dossier to FBI: You Let Trump 'Trash' Him

CNN President Jeff Zucker Defends Network's Coverage of Mueller Probe: 'We Are Not Investigators'

Trump Slams 'Corrupt and FAKE' Media Over Mueller Coverage: 'They Truly are the Enemy of the People'

Scarborough Rips 'Bitching and Moaning' About Russia Coverage: Don't Knock Reporters Because You've 'Sold Your Soul'

Elizabeth Warren: People Care About 'Things That Touch Their Lives,' Not the Mueller Report

Hannity Appears to Swipe at News Side of Fox For Russia Coverage: 'Many' At Network 'Advocating For Truth'

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Scores Legal Victory Over Black Lives Matter Activist

Rachel Maddow Poses 15 Questions Raised by 'The Barr Report': Why Did Mueller Not Decide on Obstruction?

Chris Cuomo Slams Giuliani, Trump's Team: 'They're Taking a Victory Lap for Not Being Felons'

Sarah Sanders Shares NY Post 'Mueller Madness' Graphic: Which Trump Haters Got it 'Most Embarrassingly Wrong?'

Giuliani and Cuomo Clash Over Mueller Report: 'Your Network Should Apologize'

James Clapper Says He Has Doesn't 'Have Any Regrets' About Raising Alarms Over Trump's Behavior

Dershowitz Claims He Was Banned By CNN Because He Was 'Too Fair' on Russia Probe, Demands Apology

Lou Dobbs: Trump Prevailed Against 'Evil Forces,' His Foes 'Writhing in Pain Today in the Bright Light of Truth'

Ari Melber and Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow Spar Over Barr Letter: 'Save the Media Criticism'

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin: 'My Legal Analysis is Michael Avenatti Had a Bad, Bad Day'

Wolf Blitzer to Swalwell: Do Democrats 'Risk a Backlash' by Continuing Investigations?

Felix Sater’s Testimony Postponed After Lawsuit Alleges Trump Tower Moscow Money Laundering Plot

Dem Rep.: AG Bill Barr Needs to Explain His 'Very Quick If Not Rash Decision' on Obstruction


‘Kill or Be Killed’: Inside the Ad Boycotts and Power Transfers Shaping the New Fox News

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