Ocasio-Cortez Lights Up Laura Ingraham, Fox News in Tweetstorm For Mocking Pronunciation of Her Name

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John Podhoretz Pulls Plug on His Twitter After Backlash to Controversial Tweet

Lou Dobbs Defends Trump: 'Asinine' for Republicans to Attack Him Over McCain Comments

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Colbert to Tucker Carlson: 'Please Don't Reproduce'

Seth Meyers Scorches Trump: You're 'The Last Person Who Should Call Anyone the Husband from Hell'

Omarosa Rips 'Not Stable' Trump: McCain Attacks Show He Can Be 'Triggered,' He Shouldn't Have the Nuclear Codes

Trump Reportedly Wants Robert Kraft at WH Ceremony For Super Bowl-Winning Patriots, Aides Said to Be Freaked

Ex-Fox News Journalist Diana Falzone Reportedly Hands Over Docs to Congress Related to Spiked Stormy Daniels Story

Fmr Spa Owner Denies Selling Access to Trump: I'm Being Targeted Because I'm a Chinese Republican

Chuck Todd on Trump Attacking McCain: His Base Loves This Stuff Because It Makes 'Liberals Cry'

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin: Trump Hates That McCain is a 'Hero' and He Was a 'Weasel' During Vietnam

Ex-GOP Rep. Blasts ‘Manchild’ Trump: ‘No Amount of Fred Trump’s Money’ Can Buy Him the Honor or Integrity of John McCain

Fox's Cavuto Blows Up at Trump 2016 Aide Over McCain: Doesn't Bother You That He May Have Lied About a 'Dead Man?!'

Maria Butina’s Legal Bills Are Being Paid by a Russian Who Has Supported Texas Independence

What Does the Republican Scientific Community Think of Climate Change?

Fox's Cavuto Goes to Town on GOPers Caving to Trump: They Sit Silent, No Matter How Much it 'Demeans' Them

Trump Trashed for Invoking McCain's Funeral in Latest Attacks on the Late Senator: 'What the Actual F*ck?'

Watch Shepard Smith's Flabbergasted Real-Time Reaction to Trump's Latest 'Crazy' McCain Attacks

CNN's Gloria Borger: Trump Calling George Conway 'Husband From Hell?' Would We Say He's Been the 'Greatest Husband?'

Trump Drags McCain Over His Own Funeral: I ‘Didn’t Get a Thank You’ For It

Anonymous Individuals Fight Possible Unsealing of Details Related to Alleged Epstein Sex Ring

Donna Brazile Defends Joining Fox in Heated New Interview: 'Come On, Sir, I Wasn't Born Yesterday'

GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson Shreds Trump For Attacks on McCain: 'It's Deplorable What He Said'


I Argue Glenn Beck’s 'Endorsement' of Trump in 2020 is Wildly Premature. Beck Responds.

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