Gayle King Opens Up About Charlie Rose's Firing From CBS: 'It's Still Very Painful'

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Seth Meyers Hits Trump For Backing Roy Moore: 'Sexual Predators of a Feather Flock Together'

Colbert Slams Former CBS Colleague Charlie Rose: 'It's a Harrowing and Terrible Abuse of Power'

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WATCH: Judge Gives ‘Evil’ Convicted Quadruple Killer a Piece of Her Mind

Newt Gingrich: We Can't Allow 'Hysteria' To Destroy People By Those Who Solely Want to 'Get Even'

NYT Reportedly Struggling Whether To Fire Glenn Thrush Over Harassment Allegations

CNN Reporter Slammed for Tweet Noting 'Incredible Drain of Talent' Due to Harassment Scandals

John Berman: So Trump Decides Which Women Are 'Special Enough to Believe?'

WH Military Personnel Under Scrutiny for 'Improper Contact' With Women During Trump Asia Trip

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Michael Steele Trashes Trump Comments on Roy Moore: 'This Is Beyond Stupid!'

Roy Moore's Wife Reportedly First Caught His Eye When She Was a Teenager and He Was Nearly 30

CBS Evening News: 3 Women at CBS Came Forward to Say Charlie Rose Sexually Harassed Them

Another Ex-Hill Staffer Reportedly Accused Rep. John Conyers of 'Daily' Sexual Harassment

Katy Tur: 'Which Does This White House View as Worse, an Accused Pedophile or a Democrat?'

Dem Rep. Bob Brady Under FBI Investigation Over Alleged Payment of 2012 Primary Opponent to Drop Out

John Heilemann: Trump Doesn't Have a Problem Siding With Neo-Nazis or Accused Child Predators

Twitter Rips Trump's Support for Roy Moore: 'Sexual Predator Endorses Sexual Predator'

Substitute Teacher Admitted to Having Sex With Multiple Students, Police Say (VIDEO)

Here’s Why Most of the 'Celebrity Sex Abusers' Are Unattractive Males


As Sexual Predators Are Exposed, We Should Also Take Aim At Institutions Who Covered For Them

We have to tackle the systems that incubated sexual misconduct for decades.

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