Ann Coulter Responds to Trump's Slam: 'The Only National Emergency is That Our President is an Idiot'

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McCabe Spox Walks Back Remarks on Talks to Oust Trump Via 25th Amendment: 'Taken Out-of-Context'

Pelosi, Others Seize on Trump Saying 'I Didn't Need to' Declare Emergency: 'He Admits it's a #FakeTrumpEmergency'

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Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Repulsive That a 'Chicken Hawk' Like Trump Is Stealing Money from Our Military

Chuck Todd: Trump's 'Miserable Mood' Hurt His Defense of National Emergency, He Looked 'Defeated'

Trump Blows Up Following Confrontations With CNN's Acosta, Brian Karem: 'SIT DOWN!'

Trump Dismisses Jim Acosta's 'Manufactured Crisis' Question: 'You're CNN, You're Fake News'

Thanks, Obama: Here’s the Obama Executive Order Trump Is Using to Build the Wall

Trump Fires Back at Ann Coulter Taunts: I Like Her But 'She's Off the Reservation'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Plans Bill to Block Trump's National Emergency Declaration

Trump Admits: 'I Didn't Need' to Declare National Emergency 'But I'd Rather Do it Much Faster'

Trump Features Angel Moms and Dads While Announcing National Emergency Plan

Trump Declares National Emergency Over Border Security: Past Presidents Did It 'Nobody Cares'

Trump Called Obama's 2014 Executive Immigration Action 'Unconstitutional'

Donny Deutsch: 'Extremely Dangerous' Ocasio-Cortez Is Going to Hand the Presidency Back to Trump

Justice Ginsburg Ruins Conspiracy Theories By Arriving at Supreme Court Today

WATCH: Trump Told Fox & Friends Obama Could 'Certainly' Be Impeached for 2014 Immigration Executive Action

Rep. McBath: 'In My Mind There Really is a National Emergency' and It's 'Gun Violence' Smashes Traffic Record Despite Prolonged Twitter Hiatus

WATCH LIVE: Trump Announces Border Wall Emergency Decision at WH Rose Garden

Brian Kilmeade and Pete Hegseth Flip-Flop, Are Now FOR National Emergency: Dems 'Would Do the Same'

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern Swipes at NFL: If it Were Basketball, Kaepernick Would Playing

Martha MacCallum Spars with Dem Rep Over Claim Fox News Doesn't Care About Dreamers: 'You Don't Watch Very Often'


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