Elizabeth Warren Documents Her Native American Ancestry, Fires Back at Trump in Campaign-Style Short Film

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Now That Elizabeth Warren Took a DNA Test, Does Trump Owe $1 Million to Charity?

CNN Panel of Regretful Trump Voters Shred 'Dictator in the White House': 'Don't Know Where the Bottom Is'

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Trump Denies Million Dollar Charity Offer for Elizabeth Warren DNA Test: 'I Didn't Say That'

Trump: Saudi Journalist Could Have Been Murdered By 'Rogue Killers'

Trump Says He Spoke to Saudi King About Missing Journalist, Sending Mike Pompeo to Meet With Salman

‘I’m Not Ashamed of My Patriotism’: Dem Official Resigns but Won’t Apologize for ‘Stand for the Flag’ Post

Pro-Trump Activist Warns on MSNBC: 'Witches' are 'Placing a Hex on Brett Kavanaugh'

Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Test Findings: Turns Out She's Part Native American

Fox & Friends Completely Fawns Over Trump's 60 Minutes Interview: Never More Confident

Morning Joe Slams Trump's 60 Minutes Hit: Came Off as 'Big Baby'; 'Ill-Equipped and Unfit to Lead'

Trump No Longer Thinks Climate Change is a Hoax, Still Not Sure It's Manmade

Trump On Trade Wars With China, U.S. Allies: 'We've Been the Stupid Country for So Many Years'

Trump on Mocking Christine Ford at Rally: 'It Doesn't Matter. We Won'

Trump Defends Child Separation in Contentious Exchange With Lesley Stahl: 'I'm President and You're Not'

Trump Snaps at Leslie Stahl After She Reads Resume of Kim Jong Un Atrocities: 'I’m Not a Baby, I Know These Things'

Ice-T Slams Kanye West's Oval Office Meeting: 'Why the F*ck You Meeting with a Rapper?'

Fox Hosts Rip SNL for Slamming Trump Supporters: 'You are Either Crazy, Racist or Dumb'

MSNBC Guest Defends Roy Moore, Claims Many Women are 'Victims' of #MeToo Movement

NBC Issues Correction Two Days After Falsely Claiming Trump Called Gen. Robert E. Lee 'Incredible'

Avenatti Doubles Down on Trump Jr. Indictment Prediction, Implies What the Crime Would Be

Hillary Clinton: Bill Did 'Absolutely Not' Need to Resign Over Monica Lewinsky Scandal

CNN's S.E. Cupp Smokes Michael Avenatti on Twitter: 'No One is Threatened By You'


Kanye's Wildly Meaningless White House 'Hit' Propels Empty News Cycle Based on Nothing

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