Tucker Carlson: Trump Should Pardon Roger Stone 'Very Soon'

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Bill Maher: 'Did the Democrats Put Too Much Trust in the Mueller Report?'

Chris Wallace Shuts Down Pro-Trump Guest's Talking Points on Mueller: 'Height of Rushing to Judgment'

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Barbra Streisand Claims Michael Jackson's Alleged Sexual Abuse Victims Were were ‘Thrilled to be There’

Maher: Chelsea Clinton Apologizing to Activists Shows ‘Everything That’s Wrong with the Left Today’

Rudy Giuliani: Fox News Should 'Bring Jeanine Pirro Back'

Tucker Carlson: 'The People on TV Have Been Lying to You' About Russia

CNN: White House Is Celebrating a 'Win' With a 'Fair Amount of Glee'

Chris Matthews: How Can Mueller Investigation Wrap Without a Direct Interview With Trump?

Sen. Blumenthal: I Think There's Still 'Strong Possibility' of Indictments in Trump's Future

CNN's Toobin: No Indictments From Mueller 'Really Good News' For Trump, Don Jr., Jared Kushner

DOJ Official: Mueller Not Recommending Any Further Indictments

Schumer and Pelosi: Bill Barr Must Not Give Trump or His Team a 'Sneak Preview' of Mueller's Findings

Chuck Todd Panel Goes Off After Mueller Report Finally Submitted: 'He Caught a Lot of Witches'

AG Barr Could Advise Congress on Mueller Report 'As Soon as This Weekend'

WATCH: Cable News Pundits Speculate Wildly About the Mueller Report Hours Before It's Finally Submitted

BREAKING: Mueller Delivers Findings in Trump-Russia Probe

Ret. Admiral John Kirby: Trump’s Abrupt North Korea Reversal is 'Dangerous Way to Do Diplomacy'

MSNBC Foreign Correspondent Seen on Camera Using Spit to Style His Hair

Mueller’s Mostly Silent Spokesman Responds to Media Blitz Over Russia Report

Fox's Dagen McDowell Pummels Trump For His McCain Smears: 'Petty, Mean and Appalling'

CNN's Brooke Baldwin and Gloria Borger Left Utterly Perplexed By Trump's North Korea Tweet: 'New Level of Dysfunction'

Twitter Left Dumbfounded After Trump's Sudden Nixing of North Korea-Related Sanctions: 'This is a Clusterf*ck'


‘Kill or Be Killed’: Inside the Ad Boycotts and Power Transfers Shaping the New Fox News

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