Here's How Fox & Friends is Covering Report on Ivanka Using Private Email For Govt. Business

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Former Trump Official Marc Short: Ivanka's Private Email Use 'Hypocritical' and 'Certainly Looks Bad'

Joe Scarborough: If You Believe Ivanka's Private Email Server Explanation 'Then You're a Hack!'

Happening Now

Willie Geist Blasts RNC's 'Pathetic' Support of Trump Attack on Adm. McCraven: 'The Blind Fealty'

Joe Lockhart: President Trump's Unsecured Phone is 'Much Bigger Scandal' Than Ivanka's Emails

Colbert Mocks Trump's Slam on 'Little Adam Schitt': 'What a Miserable Piece of Schiff'

CNN Panel Clashes Over Whether Ivanka Trump's Email Use Similar to Hillary Clinton's

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Hits Anti-Pelosi Dems: Her Critics Are 'Not Necessarily Reflective of the Diversity of the Party'

Stacey Abrams Goes All In: Brian Kemp Oversaw 'Systemic Dismantling of Our Democracy' in Georgia

Actress Who Accused Avenatti of Domestic Violence Reportedly Files For Restraining Order

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Tears Into Ivanka For Using a Private Email Account: 'Incredible Arrogance' With a 'Measure of Stupidity'

WATCH: Lou Dobbs Suggests White House Tell Judge in CNN Case to ‘Go To Hell’

Ret. Gen. Barry McCaffrey: Trump ‘Acting Like an 8th Grader’ in Attack on McRaven

Critics Turn the Tables on Ivanka After Bombshell Report About Her Personal Email Usage: 'Lock Her Up!'

The Five's Jesse Watters: Criticizing Caravan Isn't Racist, Mexicans Are Doing It Too

BREAKING: Ivanka Trump Reportedly Sent 'Hundreds' of Emails on Gov’t Business from Personal Account

WHCA Reacts to New Press Conference 'Rules': We 'Fully Expect' Tradition of Follow-Up Questions to Continue

How to Watch NFL Monday Night Football -- Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams Live Stream Online

Sarah Palin (Yes, That Sarah Palin) Mocks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for ‘Fumbling Basic Civics’

Robert Mueller Breaks Silence on Matthew Whitaker’s Designation as Acting Attorney General

Republicans Mike Lee and Tom Cotton Go To War on Twitter: Everything in His Tweet Thread is '100% Fake News'

Police Officer, Three Others Killed as Shooter Opens Fire Near a Chicago Hospital (UPDATES)

Nicolle Wallace and Panel Blast GOP for Defending Trump Over McRaven: 'We Should Never Accept' This


Once Again, Trump’s 'Little' Lies Are Causing the Media to Let Him Get Away with a Huge One

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