CNN's Smerconish Questions 'Waste of Police Resources' in Bob Kraft Arrest

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Bill Maher Tells Adam Schiff to Go on Fox News More: 'Get in the Bubble'

Feinstein Says Young Environmental Activists 'Were Heard Loud and Clear' in Statement on Viral Exchange

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Targets Included Reps. Omar and Ocasio-Cortez: What We Know About Alleged White Nationalist Terrorist Christopher Paul Hasson

CNN's Jeff Zucker Defends Hire of Ex-DOJ Spox Sarah Isgur in Editorial Call

Midnight Deadline Passes, Manafort Sentencing Filing Still Not Public

Maher to Amazon: 'Stop Playing Cities Off Against One Another and Help a Dying One Come Back to Life'

Maher and Panel Rip Trump Over Response to Arrested Coast Guard Lt.: He Has ‘Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder’

R. Kelly Surrenders to Chicago Police

‘Jussie’s Lie’: The Daily Show Creates Mock Trailer for the Inevitable Jussie Smollett Movie

NY Times Reportedly Disinvited from Vanity Fair Oscar Party After Article

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Lectures Young Environmental Activists on Green New Deal: 'I Know What I'm Doing'

CNN's Toobin: The 'Fox News Chorus' Will Have to 'Figure Out a Line' on the Mueller Report

Chuck Todd Previews the Incoming 'Mueller Storm': DC Equivalent of a 'Category 5 Hurricane'

Trump Nominates Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft to Be UN Ambassador

Michael Cohen Reportedly Gave Prosecutors New Info About Trump Organization 'Possible Irregularities'

Ex-Klobuchar Staffers Reportedly Frustrated by Commentary Saying Coverage of Staff Treatment Is Sexist

Ex-RNC Chief Michael Steele Shreds Trump For Not Condemning Arrested Coast Guard Lt: ‘These Are His People’

El Chapo’s Lawyers Seek a New Trial After It Is Alleged That Jurors Ignored Judge’s Commands

Chris Wallace: No One Should Be 'Rooting for' Mueller Report to Show Trump Committed a Crime

Trump Defends Rhetoric After Coast Guard Lt. Arrested for Planned Terror Attacks: 'I Think My Language is Very Nice'

Amy Klobuchar Once Reportedly Ate a Salad With a Comb After Berating Her Staff Over Missing Fork

DOJ Official Says Mueller Not Expected to Submit Report Next Week


Head of Trump Favored Anti-Immigration Group Confronted Over Promoting 'White Nationalist' Website

“Some of what VDare publishes is sensible, some of it is not, and some of it is downright scurrilous,” said Krikorian. “Kind of like the New York Times.”

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