Napolitano Corrects Fox Business Host Maria Bartiromo: FBI Agents Did Not Entrap Mike Flynn

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Brian Kilmeade Defends Mike Flynn's Lying to FBI: 'He Thought They Were Talking Among Two Buddies!'

Russian Disinformation Campaign in Support of Trump Reportedly Intensified After 2016 Election

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Trump Boasts That the Dollar is Strong While 'World is Blowing Up Around Us'

Former Nixon Lawyer John Dean Unleashes on 'Wuss' Trump: 'He's a Fake Leader'

CNN's John Berman Mocks Trump's 'Rage Tweeting' 'Twas The Night Before Xmas' Parody

Fmr U.S. Attorney on Trump's Shifting Stories: It's 'Such a Hallmark of a Guilty Mind'

Bob Corker is Not Ready to Say if Trump Should Be Primaried in 2020

Chuck Schumer: Trump Needs to Understand 'He is Not Going to Get the Wall in Any Form'

John Podhoretz Roasts Rep. Steve King: 'You are a Foul, Disgusting Liar and a Stain on American Public Life'

MSNBC Panelist: Trump's Like Someone 'Thrashing Right Before They Start to Go Under'

'You Should Stop': Fox News' Andrew McCarthy Tells Trump to Stop Using 'Mobster Lingo'

CNN's Ana Cabrera Fact Checks Trump's Border Policy Tweet: 'Simply Not True'

CNBC's John Harwood Says Even A GOP-led Senate 'Could Convict On Impeachment Charges'

Giuliani: 'Collusion is Not a Crime, It Was Over With by the Time of the Election'

Trump Risks ‘Unlawful Command Influence’ in Case of Major Charged with Murder, Professor Says

Trump Rips Jeff Sessions Over 'HOAX' Russia Probe: He 'Should be Ashamed of Himself'

Joan Walsh Defends Cuomo Interview, Blasts Kellyanne Conway's 'Sheer Number And Capacity Of Shameless' Lies

Fox's Howard Kurtz Praises Mika Brzezinski's 'Full-Throated Apology', Defends Heisman Winner Kyler Murray

‘Rat’: Trump Repeats Lie That FBI Improperly Accessed Cohen’s Office, Home, Hotel Room

Kurtz Complains Experts 'On Other Channels' Predicting Trump Indictment, Forgets Fox's Own Expert Napolitano

Extensive Interview with 'Russian Roulette' Coauthor Isikoff Reveals Big Problems With 'Collusion' Theory

WATCH: George Stephanopoulos Momentarily Breaks Stammering Giuliani With Devastating Point


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