Colbert Says Fox News' Bret Baier and Family Were Hospitalized After 'Bad' Car Crash: 'They're Going to Be OK'

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Rudy Giuliani's Latest Interview Flub: 'I Shouldn't Have Said Tapes...No Tapes'

Don Jr. Goes Off Over BuzzFeed Report: The Media's 'Trying to Subvert This Democracy'

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Tomi Lahren on the Cardi B Twitter Flap: It Just Shows 'The Famous Democrat Double Standard'

Seth Meyers: Does Ann Coulter 'Have a Different Pee Tape?'

Jimmy Kimmel Lauds Trump: Half of His Tweets Have 'No Misspellings at All'

Trump Tweets on Covington Catholic Students: 'Treated Unfairly' and 'Smeared by Media'

Charles Blow and Steve Cortes Clash Over Trump: Defending His Racism Makes You 'Part of That Racism'

Anderson Cooper Rips Giuliani: There is No Such Thing as a 'Hypothetical Attributed Direct Quote'

Dem Congressman: Giuliani’s Acting More Like a ‘Trusted Mouthpiece’ to Speak to Trump’s Base Than a Lawyer

Fox News' Jesse Watters: Gov't Would Be Reopened Right Now 'If We Had a Fair Media'

George Conway 'Translates' Giuliani's Walk Back: 'I Just Made S**t Up'

Dem Congressman: Rudy Giuliani Sounds Like a 'Crazy Old Uncle'

Legal Experts: Good Luck Trying to Prove Trump ‘Encouraged’ Cohen to Lie About Russia

Trump Campaign Appears to Be Photoshopping the President's Fingers to Make Them Longer

Trump Targets Pelosi: If Walls Immoral, Why Doesn’t She Take Down Existing Walls at Border?

Mike Huckabee Defends Trump from Ann Coulter: If She Has the Solution, 'Let Her Run for Office'

WATCH: House Dem Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries Calls Trump 'The Grand Wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue'

Covington Catholic Students Are Considering Legal Action Against Media

That Time Trump Used Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Defend Paula Deen Over N-Word Controversy

Giuliani Walks Back Comments on Trump Tower Moscow Talks: Remarks Were 'Hypothetical'

Aviation Unions Say Mass Flight Cancelations Soon Likely Due to Shutdown: The System Will Completely 'Unravel'

Screaming at Cops and Flipping Off a Hotel to...Own Trump?


If BuzzFeed’s 'Bombshell' Is 'Not Accurate', Then Why Did Cohen Lie to Congress about a Trump Tower in Moscow?

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