Andrew McCabe Asked if He Still Thinks Trump Could Be Russian Asset: 'It's Possible'

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Chris Cuomo Says Trump and Co. Lied About Russia; Kellyanne Conway Says 'Not Me, I Have No Exposure'

MSNBC’s Ari Melber Confronts Matt Schlapp for Declaring ‘Mueller Will Be Gone Soon’

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Trey Gowdy: 'I Will Continue to Not Believe' McCabe Comments on Briefing Gang of 8 Over Trump Probe

Trump Chooses Deputy Transportation Secretary Jeff Rosen to Replace Rod Rosenstein as Deputy Attorney General

Kellyanne Conway and Chris Cuomo Clash for 20 Minutes Over McCabe, Trump, and Russia

McCabe: NY Times Report on Trump-Whitaker Call 'Consistent' With My Experience

Andrew McCabe on Whether He Thought Wearing Wire on Trump Was a Good Idea: 'Absolutely Not'

Trump Reportedly Growing 'More Frustrated' With Intel Chief Dan Coats: Still 'Enraged' Over Testimony

Bernie Sanders Makes Yuge Health Care Gaffe During First Minutes of His Campaign

No Thanks, Obama? Judge Allows Suit That Could Doom Obama Presidential Center to Go Forward

CNN’s Gloria Borger on NY Times Report: Trump Treats DOJ as 'His Own Personal Set of Attorneys'

CNN National Security Analyst: Putin Could be 'Controlling the White House’

Nicolle Wallace: 'Damning' Take From Fox's Napolitano on NY Times Report 'Not a Good Omen' for Trump

Legal Experts on Latest Bombshell: ‘No Innocent Explanation’ If Trump Tried to Put Loyalist in Charge of Cohen Probe

Amy Klobuchar Town Hall Ratings Tank as CNN Finishes Third Overall and in Key Demo

The Top 5 Highlights from the Blockbuster NY Times Report on Trump Investigations

Fox News' Napolitano on Explosive Report of Trump-Whitaker Call: Would Clearly Be 'An Attempt to Obstruct Justice'

Trump Lauds Bernie Sanders After Senator Declares 2020 Bid: 'I Like Bernie,' I 'Wish Him Well'

Trump Denies NY Times Report on Conversation With Whitaker: 'I Don't Know Who Gave You That'

Parents Claim Young Child Was Called 'Little Hitler' For Selling Hot Chocolate to Raise Money For Trump's Wall

Trump Reportedly Asked Whitaker About Putting US Attorney in Charge of Cohen Investigation Despite Recusal

WATCH: This Kid's Fervent Reaction to News MLB Star Manny Machado Won't Be Joining Yankees is Priceless


The News Media’s 'Jussie Smollett Problem' is Far Bigger Than Just Him, and It’s Helping Trump

Last night, the dam of media protection for Empire actor Jussie Smollett finally broke. What took so long?

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