Mueller’s Office Sentencing Memo: Manafort 'Repeatedly and Brazenly Violated the Law'

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CNN's Smerconish Questions 'Waste of Police Resources' in Bob Kraft Arrest

Ari Melber Gets Into Odd Back-and-Forth With Corey Lewandowski Over Trump, NY Times, and Dunkin' Donuts

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Trump Refuses to Talk About Pro-GOP Electoral Fraud in North Carolina When Repeatedly Asked by Reporter

Cargo Jet Crashes Near Houston, 3 Crew Aboard

YouTube Removes Ads from Anti-Vaccine Channels

Bill Maher: Jussie Smollett Case Shows Victims Should Be Taken Seriously, But Should 'Not Always Be Believed'

This Year's List of Razzie Winners Includes President Trump

John Legend and Jimmy Fallon Lip-Sync to Random People Singing 'All of Me'

Florida Cop Suspended After Allegedly Allowing Suspects to Give Each Other Hand Jobs

Trump Says There's 'Far More 'ENERGY on the Right' Than the Left Heading Into 2020, Attacks 'Fake News' Again

GOP Congressman: Republicans Who Blasted Obama Overreach 'Now Cry Out for a King to Usurp Legislative Powers'

What the Heck Happened to That ‘Imminent’ Paul Manafort Filing Everyone Was Obsessed About?

WATCH: Full Video of Exchange Between Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Young Environmental Activists

Targets Included Reps. Omar and Ocasio-Cortez: What We Know About Alleged White Nationalist Terrorist Christopher Paul Hasson

CNN's Jeff Zucker Defends Hire of Ex-DOJ Spox Sarah Isgur in Editorial Call

Midnight Deadline Passes, Manafort Sentencing Filing Still Not Public

Maher to Amazon: 'Stop Playing Cities Off Against One Another and Help a Dying One Come Back to Life'

Maher and Panel Rip Trump Over Response to Arrested Coast Guard Lt.: He Has ‘Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder’

Bill Maher Tells Adam Schiff to Go on Fox News More: 'Get in the Bubble'

R. Kelly Surrenders to Chicago Police

Feinstein Says Young Environmental Activists 'Were Heard Loud and Clear' in Statement on Viral Exchange

‘Jussie’s Lie’: The Daily Show Creates Mock Trailer for the Inevitable Jussie Smollett Movie


Head of Trump Favored Anti-Immigration Group Confronted Over Promoting 'White Nationalist' Website

“Some of what VDare publishes is sensible, some of it is not, and some of it is downright scurrilous,” said Krikorian. “Kind of like the New York Times.”

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