Bill Maher Partly Blames Fox News for Charlottesville: They ‘Reanimated’ Nazi DNA

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Steve Bannon: ‘The Trump Presidency That We Fought For, and Won, Is Over'

GOP Senator Praises ‘Great Personnel Decisions by John Kelly’ After Bannon Departure

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Maher: 'Free Speech Is Under Attack From Both Sides'

Bill Maher Challenges Gavin Newsom for Calling the Russia Issue a ‘Loser’ for Democrats

Jesse Watters: Phoenix Mayor Criticizing Timing of Trump Rally Just Wants ‘To Get on MSNBC'

'Next to Go?' CNN Airs Segment Designed Entirely to Ridicule Sebastian Gorka

Kal Penn on White House Response to Arts Council Resignations: ‘We Broke Up With Him First'

Tucker Carlson: Bannon One of the Few in Trump WH Who ‘Wouldn’t Feel at Home’ in a Clinton WH

Breitbart Editor on Bannon’s Return: ‘Now He Knows Who the Enemies of the American People Are'

Krauthammer Chides Bannon for Saying 'Out Loud' Confederate Memorials Are 'Winning Issue'

CNN's Mike Rogers on Bannon's 'Shockingly Bad' Exit: 'Don't let the Door Hit You on the Way Out'

Pastor Stepping Down from Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, Cites 'Deepening Conflict in Values'

Seattle PD Trolls Alex Jones: 'As Far as We Know, That Could Be an Actor'

Breitbart Editor Confirms that Steve Bannon is Returning to his Old Job

Bannon Speaks Out: I’m Going to War ‘For Trump Against His Opponents'

Steve Schmidt Rips GOP for ‘Complicit’ Silence on Trump: Dog Whistles Have Given Way to Loudspeakers

Jake Tapper: Heather Heyer's Mother Rebuking Trump Is a 'Disaster' For the White House

Carl Icahn Steps Down as Special Advisor to President Trump

DOUBLE STANDARD? Blumenthal Appears to be in 'Violation' of Emoluments Clause Himself

Following Bannon Departure, New Reports Say Sebastian Gorka Could Be Out Soon Too

CNN's Brooke Baldwin Stunned After Guest Compares Hitler and Lincoln

Ivanka Trump's Silence on Her Father's Charlottesville Statements is Deafening


Trump’s Predictable Hypocrisy Regarding Terrorism Is Exactly What His Base Wants

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