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CNN's New Day Takes on Trump's 'Wag the Dog' Iran Threat: 'When He's Embarrassed' He 'Looks For a Distraction'

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Billy Joel Wore Star of David to Tell Trump 'Nazis Aren’t Good People’

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Comey Pleads to Democrats: ‘Don’t Lose Your Minds and Rush to the Socialist Left’

Maria Butina’s Gun Rights Group Funded Ex-Sheriff David Clarke’s Russia Trip, Docs Reveal

Howard Kurtz: There Were 'Tensions' Between Fox News and Kimberly Guilfoyle in Negotiating Her Exit

Avenatti Blasts Dershowitz, Claims He Knows of More Cohen Tapes: My Accuracy a Lot Better Than Yours

Dan Abrams and Alan Dershowitz Clash Over Whether Enquirer Faces Legal Danger For Squashing Trump Affair Story

Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Fires Back at Op-Ed in Own Family's Paper Demanding He Resign


James Gunn's Tweets Were Abhorrent, But These Social Media Hit Jobs Are Worse

These life sentences the Twitter mobs are inciting simply don’t fit the crime.

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