Michelle Malkin Mocks Adam Schiff On Collusion Narrative: He Has 'Fired More Duds' Than North Korea

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Colbert Rips Trump For Botching Birth Date On Absentee Ballot: We Need a 'Long-Form Birth Certificate'

Twitter Slams Mario Batali For Including a Cinnamon Roll Recipe in His Apology Letter to Fans

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reacts to Mika Brzezinski's Attacks: 'I Think It's Sad'

21st Century Fox Responds to Criticisms of Murdoch Comments About Harassment Scandal

There Is Now an Official Hollywood Commission on Sexual Harassment, Chaired by Anita Hill

Anderson Cooper: Looks Like Nothing Can Break Trump’s 'Feedback Loop of Fox News Talking Points'

GOP Sen. Who Grilled Trump Judicial Pick in Viral Video: 'Experience Matters'

Joy Reid: Seems Like Trump 'Has the Tools of Authoritarianism Down'

CNN’s Toobin on Trump Saying a Lot of People Are Angry at FBI: He Means 'People Who Watch Fox News'

Jeff Sessions: ‘I Don’t Share the View That the FBI Is Not Functioning at a High Level’

Steve Schmidt Goes on a Tear Against Fox News: Like ‘Propaganda in Authoritarian Countries’

Peter Jackson: Harvey Weinstein Orchestrated a 'Smear Campaign' Against Mira Sorvino, Ashley Judd

Twitter Erupts Over Carter Page's Statement That He Has It Worse Than Franken Accusers

Jake Tapper Knocks ‘Extremist’ FBI Rhetoric from Trump Supporters, Fox News

Let’s Call The Matt Lauer Story What it Is: Workplace Sexual Harassment

Chris Wallace: 'It's Not Crazy' for Trump to Be 'Concerned' About FBI Bias

Female Dem Accused Of Sexual Harassment Calls Man A Liar

Twitter Reacts to Picture of Sewage Bursting From EPA Water Fountain: '2017 In a Nutshell'

Adam Schiff in Tweetstorm: I'm 'Worried' House Intel Committee is About to Pull the Plug on Russia Probe

Woman Claims American Airlines Forced Her to Throw Away Her Breast Milk

'Harlem Shake' Creators Threaten Legal Action Against FCC Chief Over Anti-Net Neutrality Video

Twitter Skewers Ann Coulter Over Sad Tweet About Dying Alone


Have We Seriously Decided that Old Consensual Affairs Involving Media Stars Are Now 'Assault'?!

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