Joe Scarborough: Rudy Giuliani Just Told America That Trump's Campaign Colluded With Russia

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Joe Lockhart: 'Rudy Giuliani's Number One Job is to Confuse People'

GIULIANI: 'I Never Said There Was No Collusion' Between Trump Campaign and Russia

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Morning Joe Rips Mike Pence Over 'Bush League,' Poorly-Timed Declaration ISIS is 'Defeated'

Former ICE Director Thomas Homan to Fox & Friends: Nancy Pelosi is 'Disgusting'

Rosie O'Donnell: 'We Will Right the Wrong of the Tyranny of Donald Trump'

Colbert: Trump's the Dog Pelosi Won't 'Let Into the House' Because 'He’s Going to Poop Everywhere'

Jeff Sessions Gives First Interview Since Leaving DC But He's Not Talking About Trump

CNN's Don Lemon: Rudy 'Out-Giulianied' Himself Tonight

Georgia Man Arrested in Plot to Attack White House With Explosives, Firearms

WATCH: CNN's Cuomo and Giuliani Battle It Out in Off the Rails Shoutfest

Cardi B Goes OFF on Trump Over Shutdown in Scorching Video: 'Our Country is in a Hellhole...All For a F*cking Wall'

Fox News' Juan Williams: Limbaugh, Coulter, and Hannity Are 'Running This Government!'

Rep. Ed Case Draws Ire After Claiming He's an 'Asian Trapped in a White Body'

Steny Hoyer Walks Back Earlier Declaration: The State of the Union Is 'Not Officially Off'

George Conway: ‘No One Needs’ Donald Trump But Some People ‘Haven’t Figured It Out Yet’

Steve King Bashes McCarthy, Liz Cheney After House Condemnation: What Gives Her the 'Moral Authority' to Criticize Me?

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace: 'There's Plenty to Celebrate Today in the Kremlin'

Inspector General: Trump Admin Ignored the Constitution When Deciding Legality of Trump D.C. Hotel

Pols and Pundits Keep Coming Up With Far-Fetched TSA Shutdown Anecdotes...And Nobody's Really Buying Them

Bill Shine’s Wife is Back on Twitter Talking Sharia Law, Attacking 'Skanks' and Chatting With Sandy Hook Truthers

Joe Manchin Calls Pelosi’s SOTU Letter to Trump the ‘Wrong Approach’


CNN Analyst Calls Out Fox News' David Webb On-Air For 'White Privilege'. Webb Informs Her He's Black.

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