Ballsy Kurdish Reporter Attempts to Interview ISIS

Talk about reporting from the front lines: Hunar Ahmed, a correspondent with the Kurdish news outlet Rudaw, attempted to interview some members of ISIS by walking to the middle of a bridge near Kirkuk, Iraq — a.k.a, the border of ISIS territory.

“You guys want to talk?” he shouts across the bridge, as Kurdish soldiers behind him suggest he ask them in Arabic.

Though several ISIS militants are visible in the distance (and they are ISIS fighters, judging by the giant black flag at the end of the bridge), they refused to give Ahmed an interview, despite multiple polite requests.

“It seems that they are busy strengthening their front lines here,” Ahmed observed, wandering back to Peshmerga and safety. “We are trying to reach them but they are warning me not to get any closer.”

Watch below via Rudaw:

[h/t Vox]
[Image via screenshot]

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