Bill Bennett: Ground Zero Mosque Opponents ‘Are Angry At Islam’

The Value Voters Summit is kicking into high gear today, and it seemed inevitable that the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy would be a major issue for speakers. Addressing the crowd, conservative commentator Bill Bennett denied claims that conservatives against the mosque were islamophobes: “we do not fear Islam, but we are angry at Islam.”

Highlighting the negative publicity that the Florida Koran-burning pastor received for wanting to burn Korans, Bennett attacked the media for not specifying how minimal his audience really was, and argued that the attacks lobbed on his followers and on those who opposed the Islamic community center were unjustified. Opponents of the mosque have no phobia, he continued:

“We are not islamophobes. We do not fear Islam, but we are angry at Islam and we have questions of Islam. Anger is a completely rational and aristotelian meme, expressive of what we mean to say. We are angry at what this religion has done to itself and to us. This is a righteous anger. We are angry at what leaders of this religion fail to say.”

The clip from Bennett’s comments to the Value Voters Summit attendants below:


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