Bob Costas: ‘I Hope Others Follow Kaepernick’s Lead’ and Give Back to the Community

NBC’s Bob Costas — arguably America’s most prominent sportscaster — had some words of criticism for Colin Kaepernick Monday on CNN. Ultimately, though, Costas said that he hopes “others follow Kaepernick’s lead.”

Appearing on New Day, the venerable broadcaster critiqued Kaepernick’s political commentary as sounding naive, and said he hoped that others would further the discussion on racial and social injustice.

Sometimes he’s sounded like someone who took one semester from a radical professor when he was a freshman, and that’s all he knows about the world. So I think it’s better that additional voices here from multiple backgrounds weigh in. Because Colin Kaepernick, despite what some people want to say, is not the natural heir to Muhammad Ali or Arthur Ashe or to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — who continues to be a public intellectual. He’s not. He’s tried to do a good thing from his heart. I don’t know that he’s equipped to carry that baton.

Costas, though, praised Kaepernick’s charitable giving and community involvement. On his website, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback has a detailed accounting of how he’s disbursed $900,000 to various non-profit organizations.

“I hope others follow Kaepernick’s lead,” Costas said. “Not in some of the naive political statements he’s occasionally made, but in getting involved in the community, and actually doing things. Which many NFL players already do, but it’s just not spotlighted.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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