Hillary ‘Snaps’ Back Into Headlines


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Maureen Dowd is going to have a field day with this. The New York tabloids are having a field day. Drudge’s headline says Hillary snapped (and truthfully, she sort of did). Without a doubt this is going to be on continuous cable loop throughout the day, if not longer, because after the ‘Obama has made Hillary invisible’ meme was followed by Bill Clinton‘s heroic trip to North Korea last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks to have confirmed, during a confused Congolese Q&A yesterday, everyone’s worst suspicion of what she is really thinking: She is the boss, not Bill, dammit!

At a Q&A in the Congo yesterday Clinton was asked a question by a college student, via a translator, about a Chinese trade deal with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Except the way the question was phrased by the translator made it sound like the student was asking what “Mr. Clinton” thought (apparently the student actually wanted to know President Obama’s thoughts). Hillary was not pleased to be asked to be her husband’s her husband’s spokesperson and reacted sharply (too sharply really, considering the circumstances — how frequently do things get mis-translated in forums like this? Probably fairly frequently). “My husband is not secretary of state, I am.” Yep, snap. No matter which way you slice it, not the most diplomatic response. And the video, which may be viral by the end of the day, actually makes it worse.

So how does this play out? Will we see the old lines of coverage come to the fore? MSNBC in particular was criticized for its coverage of Hillary during the campaign, whereas Rupert Murdoch made waves for backing Hillary. Of course, that was during the democratic primary race where there were clear opponents. This go round Hillary appears to be her own worst enemy. Not only that, her behavior is not really leaving a lot of room for interpretation. She is really pissed off! So get ready to drown in Boss Hillary coverage, because after 15 years plus of coverage it appears she has finally just validated a lot of people’s suspicions that she feels overshadowed by her husband. And there are very few things the media does better than gloat.

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