Brian Kilmeade: Twitter’s ‘Plan All Along’ Was to Suppress Republican Vote in Midterms


Twitter has received ongoing criticism from both sides of the aisle for its handling of controversial user content, but among the strongest came Tuesday from Fox & Friends‘ Brian Kilmeade, who accused the platform of plotting a nefarious plan to swing the midterm elections.

The pointed remark was made following an interview with NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, who condemned the social media giant’s refusal to suspend an individual who tweeted a threat to her family.

The message, which came from user Milan Legius, suggested Loesch should have her children murdered in order to understand the tragedy of gun violence in the U.S.

“We just had a horrible tragedy take place, and we have families that are still grieving,” she said, referring to the Jacksonville, FL shooting in which two people were killed and 10 others wounded by a gunman who opened fire on a Madden 19 tournament Sunday. “And individuals, I think, believe that it is some form of advocacy to go out and continue to add to the nastiness and to the hate of the political environment by making remarks like these towards other individuals.”

Loesch then made an appeal to conservative women in general, whom she said receive threats routinely.

The ardent anti-gun control activist also argued that “instead of focusing on actual solutions, things that we can do to make sure these things never take place again, we have to deal with situations where you have crazy people running amok on Twitter, and Twitter having inconsistent applications of terms of service.”

While Twitter has grappled with addressing even the most bombastic users, most notoriously conspiracy-mongering radio host Alex Jones, an extreme right-winger whom it has still not banned, Kilmeade believed something suspicious was afoot. Reacting to Loesch’s comments, he claimed the platform was using its power to influence elections.

“The plan all along was to push back on conservatives and suppress their vote come midterms, but they never expected this push back on their push back,” he said.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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