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Chad Ochocinco Scoops, Well, Everyone With Tom Brady Injury News

ocho_8-28Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco took a break from serving up hibachi at a Benihana during a date (seriously, he Twitpic’ed the whole thing) to break some real, serious news.

After New England Patriots star QB Tom Brady went down with a cringe-inducing shoulder injury last night, no one knew what happened – Brady left before the game ended, his teammates were silent and head coach Bill Belichick was typically evasive. But one guy had the scoop – Ochocinco.

Here’s what Ochocinco tweeted around MidnightET:

Just got a call back from Tom Brady, says he’s fine and there’s nothing to worry about.

After NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen called him a “sportscaster” in a follow-up, Ochocinco responded:

@richeisen it pays to have everyones phone number, seriously he said he’s cool, he’s homeless so he’ll be okay, new saying right there Rich.

Still confused about the “homeless” reference – but we just learned Ochocinco’s other two phrases of the year: “kiss the baby” and “child please” (Google them).

> Update: After some research, it seems “homeless” refers to the saying “go hard or go home.” If you’re homeless…well you always go hard.

ESPN has not picked up on Ochocinco’s scoop online or on TV (according to TV Eyes), despite countless segments about the mysterious injury.

But other major outlets have – like USA Today. It was a blog post on the site by early this morning.

Two things are highlighted here. The first is about Ochocinco, who is slowly turning into the most entertaining sports star today, thanks to his Twitter use, Ustream show and his starring role on HBO’s Hard Knocks. Secondly, it’s about the power of Twitter. While Tom Brady isn’t in the locker room to talk about his shoulder, maybe he just needs to phone a friend to put the news out. Sorry journalists, there’s a new kind of journalism happening.

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