CNN Anchor Questions If Former Tabernacle Choir Member Comparing Trump to Hitler Is ‘Hysterical’

On CNN this morning, Carol Costello interviewed Jan Chamberlin, who quit singing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir when it was announced they would be performing at the inauguration of Donald Trump. She explained in late December that she was unwilling to “throw roses to Hitler” and made it clear that she sees Trump’s comments and tactics as ones that will lead to fascism if unchecked.

“Hitler? I mean, some people say that you’ve compared Mr. Trump to Hitler and that just sounds kind of hysterical and over-the-top.”

“I don’t feel hysterical; I feel quite calm,” said Chamberlin before explaining that she felt sure about her decision not to sing.

When Costello questioned why she didn’t think it was important to unify behind the elected president, the singer responded that that she sees other ways for people to come together. Namely, she suggested having informed conversations and standing together against fascism.

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