CNN’s Matt Lewis Clashes With Bakari Sellers: ‘You Want to Fight With People Tonight’


Towards the end of a long evening of heated discussions and panel battles on CNN, one CNN political commentator told another that he felt he was just trying to egg on another fight.

During a conversation on the rise of hate groups in the US and what could be responsible for the uptick of trollish behavior, ex-Democratic lawmaker Bakari Sellers pointed a finger at President Donald Trump. While agreeing with the panel that Trump didn’t invent racism or bigotry, Sellers stated that the president did light a fire underneath it. He went on to say it was cowardly for people not to speak out against Trump’s lack of condemnation of hate speech.

After Republican strategist John Brabender jumped in to say that extreme political divisiveness began in the 1990s and the media has made it worse and anchor Don Lemon defended the media’s honor, Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis pointed out that the fringe element can use social media to get mainstream attention now.

Well, this caused Sellers to get a bit testy with the panel, telling them they weren’t holding the “biggest troll of them all” accountable and were instead evading and running away from the issue.

When Lewis noted that he’s been very critical of Trump and Brabender said he believed we were all responsible for divisive and hateful rhetoric, Sellers labeled that a “copout” and continued to mix it up with the panel.

“I get the sense you want to fight with people tonight,” Lewis told Sellers. “Another segment attacking people.”

With Sellers pantomiming a boxer, Lemon ended the segment by stating that he could understand why commentator was so upset because he himself has received many hateful messages over the past two years.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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