Colbert Dusts Off His Old ‘On Notice’ Board to Put Trump Right Where He Belongs


Fans of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report will remember a recurring segment called “On Notice,” a big blue board that the late night host would periodically update to harangue different groups and people deserving of his ire. On Thursday night, the board made its Late Show debut in light of President Donald Trump‘s warning by the same name to Iran.

Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn told the press at Wednesday’s briefing that Iran’s recent missile testing was resulting in the administration putting the nation “on notice,” though the exact implications of that distinction are still unknown. It’s something that Colbert couldn’t let go Thursday night, telling the crowd, “See, on my old show, I put people ‘On Notice’ on my ‘On Notice’ board. And this is not the first time Donald Trump has ripped me off. I came up with the whole over-the-top TV character who’s desperate to be loved, doesn’t believe in facts, and has a pet Eagle.”

“Plus,” he added, “we both ran for President; only one of us knew it was a joke.”

The Late Show host then rolled out the same ‘On Notice’ board that accompanied him at the Report, firmly adding Trump’s name to the long list of other memorable recipients of the comedian’s wit.

“Do you have any — any — understanding the effect that just had? Exactly the same amount of effect of your putting Iran on notice: zero,” he said to cheers from the Ed Sullivan Theater crowd.

Watch above via CBS.

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