Cybersecurity Experts: Sony Hack Could Have Been an Inside Job

According to a new report, some cybersecurity experts now believe that the Sony hack was not perpetrated by North Korea, but was instead an inside job done with the help of a former employee.

Bloomberg News reports that Norse Corp., a top cybersecurity firm, has a list of six potential suspects — one of whom is a former employee who would have had the capability to carry out the massive cyberattack. This stands in stark contrast to the FBI’s confirmation that North Korea was, in fact, responsible.

“When the FBI made this announcement, just a few days after the attack was made public, it raised eyebrows in the community because it’s hard to do that kind of an attribution that quickly — it’s almost unheard of,” Norse Senior Vice President Kurt Stammberger told Bloomberg. “All the leads that we did turn up that had a Korean connection turned out to be dead ends.”

Stammberger said Norse found evidence of collaboration between a Sony employee who was fired in May and a group of hackers Sony was pursuing that was involved in the illegal distribution of pirated movies online. Norse briefed the FBI on Monday of its findings, but the FBI declined to comment to Bloomberg.

Watch an interview with Norse CEO Sam Glines below, via CNN:

[Image via Sony/screengrab]

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