Devin Nunes Gifted With Bright, Yellow Sneakers to Help Him Run Away from Tough Questions

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) just got some sweet new kicks in case he ever feels like running away from reporters who might ask him difficult questions.

For the last few months, Nunes has been mocked and ridiculed by the Swamp Accountability Project, an organization devoted to challenging Donald Trump and other “ethically-challenged politicians” who embody the swamp that the president promised to drain. Republican consultant Liz Mair is a spokeswoman for the group, and she recently pulled a prank on Nunes for ducking questions about the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation by leaving in the middle of a Rules Committee hearing.

Mair filmed a video of herself delivering some brand new sneakers to Nunes’ office so he can flee from tough situations in style and comfort.

“He hasn’t been very courageous about taking questions, answering questions,” Mair said. “So we feel these are appropriate for Devin Nunes, and they’ll keep him comfortable while evading questions and enabling him to do it fast, which is very important. Speed is of maximum importance here.”

Watch above, via Swamp Accountability Project.

[Image via screengrab]

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