Disney CEO Bob Iger Defends Trump Advisory Role By Dropping ‘Hamilton’ Reference

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Disney CEO Bob Iger defended himself on Wednesday after investors voiced their concerns over his participation with President Donald Trump‘s Strategic and Policy Forum. Iger addressed the complaints at the entertainment corporation’s annual shareholders’ meeting, and included a quote from the popular Broadway musical, Hamilton.

CNNMoney’s Frank Pallotta reported on the CEO’s remarks in a Wednesday article. At the meeting, some investors contended that “Iger’s membership gave the appearance of Iger’s approval of Trump’s policies, including immigration policies.”

The Disney executive replied that he “made a decision that I thought was in the best interests of this company and the industry,” and underlined that his membership on the forum was simply “an opportunity to express my points to the president.”

Iger continued with his Hamilton reference — specifically, from the song “The Room Where It Happens”:

“There’s an opportunity to have a voice in the room where it happens to speak for our company and its investors,” Iger said. “But I respect your opinion.”

This answer reportedly led to applause from the attendees at the annual meeting.

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