Farrow Talks Bombshell Trump Story on GMA: Reported Affair Has ‘National Security Implications’

Ronan Farrow has done it again. Friday morning, the New Yorker published yet another blockbuster story written by Farrow titled; “Donald Trump, a Playboy Model, and a System for Concealing Infidelity.”

The piece centered on an affair President Donald Trump reportedly had with Playboy model Karen McDougal. But while that angle of the story may garner more attention, it is the latter portion — the “system for concealing infidelity” — which Farrow believes is the most important part of his article.

Appearing on Good Morning America Friday, Farrow discussed the practice of “catch and kill” — which, in this case, involved the National Enquirer paying $150,000 for the story on Trump and McDougal without the intention of ever publishing it. The Enquirer claimed that they didn’t run McDougal’s account because they didn’t find it credible.

Farrow claims that’s nonsense. Citing six former employees, Farrow called the practice of catch and kill “a routine activity” of David Pecker‘s — the head of the National Enquirer.

And therein lies the most disturbing aspect of the report for Farrow.

“This is the interesting and troubling dimension, George, these, you know, dirty stories about high-profile individuals would be used as leverage over those individuals,” Farrow said. “Obviously national security implications here when that happens to be the president.”

Host George Stephanopoulos followed up — asking if the president was vulnerable to “blackmail” by Pecker and the National Enquirer.

“We don’t use the word blackmail,” Farrow said. “But multiple employees of [American Media Inc., under which the Enquirer operates] used terms like ‘leverage,’ ‘influence.'”

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