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Florida Ex-Cop Who Shot Theatergoer May Have History of Harassing Movie Texters

Raise your hand in the comments section if you’re surprised that Carl Reeves, Jr. — the Florida ex-cop who allegedly shot and killed a man he scolded for texting in a movie theater — might have a thing against people who text in movie theaters. Because according to testimony at Reeves’ bail hearing, acting like an overly-aggressive weirdo to people who text during movies seems to be a hobby of his.

Tampa prosecutor Manny Garcia reportedly indicated that Reeves once attempted to intimidate a woman named Janine Dixon for texting during a movie on December 28th. Dixon, who contacted detectives after news of the shooting broke, said that Reeves kept glaring at her throughout the movie (weird, but kind of okay), and followed her to the bathroom at one point (WHOA, that is not cool).

Dixon told local television station Bay News 9 that her husband thought of confronting Reeves, but didn’t. “It could have been us,” she said.

In other news, Reeves was denied bail, with the judge citing the number of witnesses — including a fellow police officer — who claim that no one threw anything more significant than a bag of fluffy popcorn. “The evidence of guilt is significant,” he said.

Again, raise your hand if you’re surprised.

In other news, Fox News pundit Keith Ablow thinks the victim may be partially at fault here because of “data rage” and “machines” and blah, blah, blah.

[h/t The Tampa Bay Times]

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