Parkland Father That Matt Gaetz Tried to Boot From Hearing Pans Congressman: ‘He’s a Salesperson’

Florida Recount Ends With Rick Scott Over Bill Nelson By 10,000+ Votes

Trump Congratulates Democrat ‘Warrior’ Andrew Gillum on Florida Race: ‘A Force to Reckon With!’

MSNBC’s Ari Melber Grills Rick Scott Adviser on New Voter Fraud Claims: Your Candidate Has ‘Embarrassed Himself’

Ari Melber Stunned Broward County Recount Won’t Be Used For Being Minutes Late: ‘Can’t Make It Up’

Trump Makes Wild, Baseless Voter Fraud Claim: People ‘Go to Their Car,’ Change Their Hat and Shirt, and ‘Vote Again’

Chris Cuomo Questions Brenda Snipes on Broward County Recount: ‘Are You Really Thinking About Resigning?’

Bill Nelson Accuses Rick Scott of Foul Play in Recount Battle: He’s Using His Power to ‘Undermine’ Process

WATCH: Protesters Chant ‘Trump!’, ‘Fake News!’ at MSNBC’s Ari Melber During Chaotic Live Show in Broward County

NBC Miami Updates Years-Old Story After Don Jr. and Others Use it to Spread False Voter Fraud Claims

Tapper Grills Cory Gardner (But Not Chuck Schumer) Over Florida Vote: ‘Any Specific Evidence at All’ of Fraud, Theft?

Protesters Shout ‘Every Vote Counts’ in Front of Broward Election Office

Andrew Gillum Announces He’s Withdrawing His Concession: We Need to Count Every Vote

Trump Tweets He’s Watching Florida Closely: People ‘Trying to STEAL’ Elections

Trump Mockingly Blames Russia Over Ongoing Vote-Counting in Midterms: Demand Putin Apologize!

Scarborough: GOP Trying to Stop Votes From Being Counted in Florida; ‘Third World Country Stuff’

Rick Scott Defeats Bill Nelson in Florida Senate Race

Man With Gun Sends Florida Voting Precinct into Brief Lockdown

Trump on Why He’s Talking Caravan, Not the Economy: ‘I Want to Solve Problems,’ Not Talk About Doing a ‘Great Job’

Shots Fired Into Republican Party Headquarters in Florida County

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