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Joe Biden Releases PSA About Sexual Assault, Reimagines Conversation After Attempted Rape

Meet the Florida Man Who Accidentally Texted a Narc Looking for Drugs

CNN Thinks Jay Z’s Lying About Texting with Obama

Cheating Congressman Also Texts with Random Strangers During Scandals

The Man Who Shot and Killed a Texter in Movie Theater Was Also Texting

Florida Ex-Cop Who Shot Theatergoer May Have History of Harassing Movie Texters

Could Man Who Killed Theater Texter Use ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense?

Retired Florida Cop Opens Fire, Kills Man for… Texting During Movie

O’Reilly Fires Back at Jon Stewart, ‘Can’t Imagine’ Chinese Kids Being Addicted to Texting

Pennsylvania School Officials Under Fire for Incredibly Racist Texts

Alabama Man Texts, ‘I Need To Quit Texting,’ Before Driving Off Cliff

This Exists: British Man Banned From Driving For A Year After Caught Talking On Two Phones In The Car

Shep Smith Is Not Happy That The Texting Into Fountain Lady May Sue The Mall

Texting Teens Are Not Doomed To Spell Poorly; Paranoid Adults Exhale

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