Glenn Beck Sees ‘Hand of Divine Providence’ in Ted Cruz’s Birth

“Do you believe everyone was born for a reason?” Glenn Beck asked. The conservative pundit — and Ted Cruz endorser — spoke to the 76-year-old father of his preferred candidate, Rafael Cruz, on The Glenn Beck Show Wednesday.

In a video segment flagged by Right Wing Watch, Beck explains how he perceives God’s intervention in both the story of the elder Cruz’s journey to America and in the “fruit of that story,” namely the birth of the senator from Texas.

“As I learned your story and saw the fruit of that story, now your son, I am more and more convinced in the hand of divine providence,” Beck said, an assertion with which the elder Cruz heartily agreed.

Rafael Cruz has recently suggested that American public education is a liberal plot to indoctrinate children with communism, and Beck also once saw “divine providence” behind Mitt Romney‘s loss in 2012. So, grain of salt and so forth.

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