GOP Rep. Randy Weber Sorta Apologizes for Obama/Hitler Tweet


Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) raised hackles yesterday for the following tweet, which finally managed to combine Godwin’s Law with Poe’s Law:

Weber obviously offended Democrats for linking Obama with Hitler, but also irked Republicans for diverting a news cycle critical of Obama for not attending the Paris rally.

On Tuesday he sorta-kinda apologized, pulling the old “sorry for anybody I offended” move.

“It was not my intention to trivialize the Holocaust nor to compare the President to Adolf Hitler,” Weber wrote in a statement. “The mention of Hitler was meant to represent the face of evil that still exists in the world today. I now realize that the use of Hitler invokes pain and emotional trauma for those affected by the atrocities of the Holocaust and victims of anti-Semitism and hate.”

Weber then defended his invocation of Hitler in criticizing Obama. “Hitler was the face of evil, perpetrating genocide against six million Jews and millions of other victims,” he wrote. “Today, we are facing the evil of Islamic extremists who are attempting to instill fear and murdering the lives of innocent people from Paris to Nigeria to Jerusalem and all over the world. The President’s actions or lack thereof is my point of contention.”

Read the full statement here.

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