Here’s a Video of Redskins Owner Dan Snyder Dancing Horribly as if Monday Wasn’t Already Depressing Enough

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-11-51-58-am-3Certain NFL owners always manage to command more camera time during their teams’ games than others. When you watch the Dallas Cowboys play, for instance, count on a bunch of fact time for Jerry Jones. When you watch the New England Patriots, you’re shown plenty of Robert Kraft.

And when you watch the Washington Redskins, you get a whole lot of Dan Snyder.

In years past, these cuts to the owners box have been fun to watch for fans of teams other than Washington — as the Redskins have been mostly terrible during his 17 years of ownership. But now, Washington is kind of decent. So you get to watch Dan Snyder dancing giddly (and awkwardly) to “Jump Around.”

The Redskins improved to 6-3-1 with their win Sunday night over the Packers, which means their chances of making the playoffs are surely better than their owners chances to make Dancing With The Stars

Watch above, via NBC.

[image via screengrab]

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