Hillary’s ‘Spontaneous’ Pumpkin Spice Latte Question Came From Former Staffer

Hillary Clinton set off a tongue-in-cheek media frenzy when she said during a Facebook Q&A Monday that she does not drink pumpkin spice lattes, a caffeinated drink much beloved and idolized by urbanites and morons millennials.

Pumpkin Spice

The Washington Post wrote a story on the humorous exchange. The Hill, Fox News, The New York Daily News, TIME, and Reuters did the same. None of the stories, however, noted that the Facebook user asking Clinton the question was a former staffer.

“[Clarie Celsi] is a public relations professional in Iowa who worked on the Clinton campaign in 2008 as a precinct captain…” The Washington Free Beacon reports. “Celsi, who still keeps mementos from Clinton’s 2008 campaign, has also become a go-to Clinton supporter to talk to for media covering Clinton’s Iowa campaign.”

The Free Beacon’s Brent Scher never goes as far as to accuse the question of being a plant. But he does point out that the Clinton campaign admitted to using planted questions during the 2008 Democratic primary. He also notes that the Clinton campaign has been open about their desire to present a more “humorous” and “spontaneous” Hillary to the American public.

It’s also worth noting that another highly-voted question for Clinton on LGBT rights came from a Facebook user who lists their workplace as New Hampshire for Hillary. Clinton did not answer that question.

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