Reporters Claim Ossoff, Handel Campaigns Barred Them from Events On Eve of Special Election


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A reporter from The Washington Free Beacon was not allowed into an Jon Ossoff campaign event on the eve of the special election in Georgia.

Brent Scher of the Free Beacon tweeted this Monday night.

Scher sent a followup tweet that pointed out the irony that the Ossoff campaign cheered “This is what democracy looks like!” while he was barred from being allowed in.

Other journalists tweeted out their support for Scher.

Scher being barred from the Ossoff event may not be a coincidence. A few days ago, he published this article that alleges the Ossoff campaign was giving him a hard time… simply for doing his job. And earlier in the day, he fact-checked the Ossoff campaign’s claim that the Democratic candidate lived “three blocks” outside of the 6th District, which was something Ossoff received bad press about. Scher walked from Ossoff’s house to the district and his journey took him two hours, or 3.2 miles.

Also tonight, ThinkProgress reporter Kira Lerner is alleging that the campaign of GOP candidate Karen Handel blocked her from events after she confronted the Republican about health care earlier in the day:

Ossoff and Handel face off tomorrow and recent polls show a dead heat between the two of them.

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