#ImWithHer Twitter is Furious at Anthony Bourdain for Calling Hillary’s Weinstein Response ‘Shameful’


Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is taking heat on Twitter after calling Hillary Clinton’s response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal “shameful.”

Bourdain — whose girlfriend Asia Argento came forward to accuse Weinstein of rape — did not hold back in slamming the 2016 presidential candidate for her tepid response to the allegations made against the Hollywood mogul.

Clinton has a long history of friendship with Weinstein, who has even donated large sums of money to her various political ventures.

Though the Parts Unknown host said he “admired” and “liked” Clinton, he still called her response in an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria “terrible.”

However, many on Twitter considered Bourdain’s attacks on Clinton unjustified. One of those outraged Twitter users was Bourdain’s CNN cohort Brian Fallon, who told the traveling chef to “go eat a scorpion or something.” Others defended Clinton by saying no women are responsible for Weinstein’s actions.

Read some of the many angry tweets directed at Bourdain for Clinton criticisms below:

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