Is This High-Flying Florida Teen the Shortest Ever to Dunk a Basketball? (VIDEO)

Meet William Easton, a 5’2″ senior point guard from Jean Ribault High School in Jacksonville, Fla. A quick glance at his Instagram page gives the impression that he’s just your average high school baller. But William Easton can jump. And because William Easton can jump, William Easton just might have set a world record.

Check out the video below of Easton, all of 62” tall, soaring toward the apparently regulation-sized hoop, and stuffing it home with his right hand.

🐰🎈😈only at 5″2 #HouseOfHighlights #SCTOP10 #WSHH #stupidbounce #dunkbros

A video posted by William Easton (@lowlife.will) on

It’s long been rumored that 5’3″ Mugsy Bogues, a longtime member of the Charlotte Hornets, once dunked during a game in December 1990. There is, however, no known video proof.

The Guinness Book of World Records listing for this record is currently blank. But it can’t be much shorter than 5’2, can it?

And just think how high William Easton could’ve gotten with these.

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