‘It’s Been Reaffirmed’: Gorsuch on Whether Roe v. Wade Was Decided Correctly By Supreme Court

At today’s Senate confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, the federal judge was asked to give his opinions on well-known Supreme Court decisions and whether he felt they were decided correctly by the court.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley didn’t wast time this morning getting to the one court case everyone wants to hear about — the 1973 decision that essentially legalized abortion nationwide.

“I think the case that most people are thinking about right now and the case that every nominee gets asked about: Roe v. Wade,” Grassley stated. “Can you tell me whether Roe was decided correctly?”

“Roe v. Wade decided in 1973 is a precedent of the United States Supreme Court,” Gorsuch responded. “It’s been reaffirmed.”

The Trump nominee would go on to note that the decision has been reaffirmed in other decisions since and that as a Supreme Court justice he would consider it a precedent, stating that it’s “worthy as treatment of precedent like any other.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]


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