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Jake Tapper: Journalists Need to Drop ‘Personal Bias,’ Call Out State Dept. ‘Censorship’

tapper2Jake Tapper did a radio interview with WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall show on Thursday, where he said that journalists have to take the State Department to task for editing out a press briefing segment in order to protect their position.

State Department spokesman John Kirby made a major admission on Wednesday when his investigation concluded an omission in a 2013 Iran negotiation press briefing was not, in fact, a “glitch.” Jen Psaki implied that State Department policy allowed officials to lie to reporters in order to keep diplomatic negotiations secret, but Kirby says that briefing clip’s mysteriously disappeared afterwards occurred on purpose.

The Washington Times reported on how Tapper was asked about this during the show, and the CNN anchor said that journalists need to step up to their responsibilities and call it out:

“That looks like a completely cut-and-dried case of censorship. They took something they didn’t like and pretended it didn’t happen. People in the media whose personal leanings might be sympathetic to President Obama and to President Obama’s State Department should not let their personal bias get in the way of the fact that this is a true outrage.”

Tapper also said that reporters have to be able to “complain consistently,” otherwise they won’t have any ground to stand on if “hypothetically, President Trump and Secretary of State Omarosa do the same thing.”

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