Kirsten Powers Rips Jeff Lord For Asking Why No Hillary Investigation: ‘Doesn’t Even Make Sense’


During a CNN panel discussion this evening, CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers and CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin both took issue with their colleague Jeffrey Lord calling for Hillary Clinton to be investigated when it came to Russian meddling in the election.

With the conversation centering on the latest developments in the Russia probe, Lord noted that there’s been “no crime” discovered after Toobin explained the shifting story we’ve heard from the Trump administration over the past few months. The pro-Trump commentator then went on to bring Clinton into the mix.

“It’s the partisan nature of this, the very fact that there is no investigation of Hillary Clinton on this,” Lord noted.

After Toobin snarked that perhaps they’d need to investigate her in case she runs for “city council in Chappaqua,” Lord stated that she was the other candidate in the election that involved Russian interference and we needed to know her ties to Russia.

“But it’s been established that Russia was trying to help Donald Trump,” Powers interjected. “So I don’t understand what Hillary would be doing — that doesn’t even make sense.”

Powers then added the following:

“The other problem is Donald Trump acts like the victim in all of this. So that you know why is everybody so interested in this Russia thing and in Russia investigation when in fact the intelligence community has said that Russia tried to swing our election. And Donald Trump has never expressed any interest in actually investigating that. And had he done that I think people would be a lot less suspicious of him.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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