Jeffrey Toobin

Watch Jack Kingston Sheepishly Admit He Has No Clue About the Talking Points He’s Spewing

Jeffrey Toobin Rips Republicans for ‘Mild’ Rebukes of Trump: His Support Won’t Change One Bit

Jeffrey Toobin Chides CNN Segment on Surviving Nukes: ‘Can We Just Dial This All Back?’

Kirsten Powers Rips Jeff Lord For Asking Why No Hillary Investigation: ‘Doesn’t Even Make Sense’

National Enquirer Owner Considering Bid to Purchase Time Inc.

Jeffrey Toobin Says Trump’s Trying to ‘Manipulate’ Russia Probe: ‘He Can’t Help Himself’

Jeff Toobin Reacts to Report Trump’s Being Investigated for Obstruction: ‘I Told You So’

Jeff Toobin: Sessions Ducked Questions by Hiding Behind a Statute ‘Apparently of His Own Invention’

Jeffrey Toobin on ‘Betrayed’ James Comey: ‘This is a Pissed Off Dude’

‘I Don’t Wanna Be Jeff Lord Redux’: Trump Surrogate Has Moment Of Self-Awareness on CNN

Jeffrey Toobin Reminds Us Ahead of Comey Hearing: Senators Are Really Bad ‘At Asking Questions’

CNN’s Toobin Reacts to Comey Prepared Testimony: ‘If That Isn’t Obstruction of Justice, I Don’t Know What Is’

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Trump ‘May Be On to Something’ When He Calls Comey a ‘Showboat’

Jeffrey Toobin on Trump’s ‘Nut Job’ Comments: ‘Very Close to a Confession of Obstruction of Justice’

‘Obstruction of Justice!’ Toobin Blasts Trump Over Report He Asked Comey to Stop Flynn Investigation

Constitutional Crisis or Obstruction of Justice? Toobin and Turley Debate Comey Firing

CNN’s Toobin: Comey Was Fired Because His Investigation Was ‘Getting Too Close for Comfort’

‘Emperor Has No Clothes’: CNN’s Toobin Predicts Trump Will Name ‘Stooge’ At FBI

Toobin on Coomey Firing: ‘Grotesque Abuse of Power’ and ‘Kind of Thing That Goes on in Non-Democracies’

CNN’s Toobin: ‘Extremely Chilling’ to Think Flynn Might Still Be in White House If Not For Leaks

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