Limbaugh Has A Good Chuckle Over The Attacks On Bill Maher From Conservatives

As we speak, politicians around the country are stripping rights away from women, forcing them to undergo invasive procedures and eliminating health insurance while boner pills get paid for by the truckload. But who gives a crap, right? The really important story here is which political party’s favorite sexist is sexistier! It’s Rush Limbaugh vs. Bill Maher! The completely manufactured fight of the century! Today on his radio show, Limbaugh had a laugh about the whole thing.

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Limbaugh played a clip of Wolf Blitzer announcing that the “first casualty in the War on Women” might actually be Maher, something that Limbaugh thought was pretty darn funny. And why wouldn’t he? It really is pretty hilarious the way our politically biased news outlets can completely muddle offensive comments someone said by screaming about unrelated offensive comments someone else said until the entire situation stops being about the comments themselves but actually about a Right vs. Left issue for no apparent reason and then neither person who said the offensive comments actually gets in real trouble and business goes on as usual. Hilarious!

Anyway, let us continue to frame the women’s health issue around such famous women as Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher. Because, as we all know, every story about a lady should actually be about what a bunch of guys have to say.

Listen to the Limbaugh clip below:

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