Rush Limbaugh

Trump Makes Surprise Call to Rush Limbaugh For Anniversary, Says People in DC Are ‘Evil’

Rush Limbaugh: Photos of Children at Border are ‘Fakes’ Designed for People Who are ‘Wimps’ About Kids

Limbaugh Calls Child-Separation a ‘Manufactured Crisis’: Immigrants ‘Attempting to Invade Our Country’

Trump Starts Twitter Morning Off By (Mis)Quoting Rush Limbaugh on ‘Russians Infiltrating a Campaign’

Fox News Host Interviews Congressman Using Clips of Rush Limbaugh Touting Russia Conspiracy Theory

Federal Judge Rebukes Hannity, Limbaugh For Using Whitey Bulger Scandal to Smear Mueller

Limbaugh Rips Media in Full-Throated Defense of Hannity: He’s ‘Three Times as Honest’ as Rest of Media

Limbaugh Raves About ‘Uncanny’ Similarities Between His Comments and Trump’s: Like ‘Listening to Myself’

Rush Limbaugh: Gary Cohn Leaving Is Not ‘Chaotic’ or a Crisis, It’s an Opportunity

Limbaugh on Scalise Shooting vs Parkland: Less Anti-Gun Outcry ‘When Leftists Are Pulling the Trigger’?

Hey, Remember When Joe Scarborough Said ‘Being Black Isn’t Enough’ For Michael Steele to Be RNC Chair?

Rush Limbaugh Loses it on ‘Trashy Garbage’ CNN: ‘Everybody That Works There’ is ‘Mentally Ill’

Rush Limbaugh Tears Into CNN Town Hall: ‘This is What Indoctrination Looks Like’

Rush Limbaugh: Is ’Hatred for Guns’ Animating the Media’s Coverage of Students, Protests?

Limbaugh Suggests Citizenship Deal for Illegal Immigrants Where ‘They Can’t Vote for 15-25 Years’

Rush Limbaugh: Student Survivors ‘Bashing the NRA’ Doesn’t Solve the Problem

Rush Limbaugh: Sometimes I Wonder if Left-Wing Media ‘Really Wants Something Done’ About Shootings

Rush Limbaugh: I Won’t Get ‘Trapped’ Into Talking About ‘Phony Narratives’ on Rob Porter

Rush Limbaugh Tears Into Media For Fawning Obama Portrait Coverage: ‘You People… Are So Predictable’

Limbaugh Slams ‘Idiot’ Kimmel for Saying Talk Show Hosts Are Liberal Because It Requires ‘Intelligence’

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