Limbaugh Rips GOP For Being ‘Manipulated’ By Dems, ‘Suckered’ Into Aiding ‘Their Own Official Demise’

The release of the RNC’s autopsy report has been accompanied by a wave of criticism — largely from conservatives who view the proposed changes as veering away from their principles. The message isn’t the problem, Rush Limbaugh argued on Tuesday, it’s the way that message is being discussed. And currently, the GOP is aiding Democrats in securing their own defeat.

Limbaugh pointed to a poll that showed majority of voters preferred Republican ideas when it came to the economy and the budget, but significantly less so when they were associated directly with the party. This exemplifies the image problem, Limbaugh argued: The GOP needn’t change who they are, but how they are perceived. The voters are not rejecting conservatism, he added.

The radio host went on to draw a parallel between the GOP and tech giant Apple. “Their big problem is how they are being characterized in the tech media and in the mainstream media with their falling stock price. The image is being created that it’s over for Apple,” Limbaugh observed, noting that the company is accustomed to its position on the pedestal and now doesn’t understand how to cope with the criticism. Neither does the GOP.

“They’re about to agree to amnesty that will forever secure their defeat,” he asserted. “It will automatically give the Democrats nine million, minimum, new Democrat voters, overnight, for doing nothing.”

Democrats and the media are “manipulating” the GOP, tricked into being seen as extreme. Democrats are the ones full of advice about who the Republicans should reach out to, Limbaugh said, but they hardly have the GOP’s best electoral interests in mind. Rather than standing by their principles, Republicans are “hell bent” on improving likability.

It’s human nature, he added: “Everybody wants to be loved. Nobody wants to be criticized.” But it doesn’t bode well.

“They don’t understand that they’re being suckered into participating in their own official demise.”

Listen below:

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