Live Twittering Sarah Palin’s Political Fireworks (One Day Early)



• Some choice Palin reax quotes from past 10 months: @Carr2n, Behar, Cafferty, Zakaria, Matthews, @danielabrams: 11:31 AM Jul 4th from web

• Charles Krauthammer: “Most unexpected, and I would say erratic, political announcement since” McCain suspended campaign. SK5:40 PM Jul 3rd from web

• Through all speculation re #Palin, @RickSanchezCNN decides to play the Hey Maybe She’s Pregnant? card: 5:30 PM Jul 3rd from web

• Greta apologizes on her blog & “then to him” for what she said to @GreggJarrett re: #Palin today: SK5:02 PM Jul 3rd from web

• Live from our Twitter feed! The media world reacts to Sarah Palin: #Palin4:59 PM Jul 3rd from web

• @brianstelter We did- she called in and attacked fill-in anchor @GreggJarrett for suggesting it may be due to family reasons. SK4:57 PM Jul 3rd from web in reply to brianstelter

• Only person to report #Palin leaving politics for good has been Andrea Mitchell. If she got it wrong, won’t look good for NBC. SK4:52 PM Jul 3rd from web

• On MSNBC, @JoeNBC (Scarborough) is talking about his own experience of leaving politics in 2001. #Palin SK4:46 PM Jul 3rd from web

• CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider is now on…to talk about Michael Jackson. Maybe ask him about #Palin? Nope. SK4:31 PM Jul 3rd from web

• #Palin sksprsn on FNC: Letterman attack “pushed Willow to vote yes” for Palin to step down. And NOW he’s part of the story. SK4:27 PM Jul 3rd from web

• CNN certainly breaking mold. Biz as usual, while MSNBC and FNC are going #Palin wall-to-wall. Seems like huge story to not. SK4:24 PM Jul 3rd from web

• Cameron sums all up: “To some, this is the end of her political career. To others, it’s the beginning of her pres. campaign” SK4:19 PM Jul 3rd from web

• Carl Cameron on FNC: “The political prognosis is very difficult to calculate. She has defied odds before.” #Palin SK4:15 PM Jul 3rd from web

• On MSNBC, @DavidShuster: “Awfully surprising anybody would choose to” make anncmnt on 7/3 “where news tends to go to die.” SK4:04 PM Jul 3rd from web

• While MSNBC drops doc block to go #Palin wall-to-wall, and FNC is wall-to-wall too, CNN is on to Sanford, Michael Jackson. SK3:53 PM Jul 3rd from web

• Another GOP pres. hopeful Mike Huckabee on FNC: “Today was an unusual, and unexpected announcement.” But sounds hopeful. SK3:49 PM Jul 3rd from web

• RT@brianstelter Landed; surprised passengers with NYT news alert about Palin. Reading reax via @mediaite, @joenbc, @mikeallen, @dceiver, etc3:43 PM Jul 3rd from web

• Townhall blogger, #Palin supporter, on MSNBC: “This is tantamount to a star quarterback who doesn’t mature..Not a happy day” SK3:42 PM Jul 3rd from web

• Fox News doesn’t have the Mitchell sources. GOP guests still touting her for 2012. MSNBC reporting she’s “out of politics.” SK3:40 PM Jul 3rd from web

• CNN is bored with this #Palin news — back to Michael Jackson coverage! SK3:36 PM Jul 3rd from web

• Whoa! Andrea Mitchell is reporting on MSNBC: “She has told reporters she is out of politics period…she is fed up” #Palin SK3:35 PM Jul 3rd from web

• RT @AKGovSarahPalin: We’ll soon attach info on decision to not seek re-election… this is in Alaska’s best interest, my family’s happy…3:34 PM Jul 3rd from web

• On FNC Kristol says could be great decision & plugs her upcoming presidential run. Calls it “huge gamble.” Understatement. SK3:26 PM Jul 3rd from web

• Bill Kristol on Palin: “When I first heard about it, thought…this is really odd, and unusual and maybe a little crazy” SK3:24 PM Jul 3rd from web

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