comScore Look! Some Kids Launched a Stuffed Puppy Into Space But They Need Your Help to Find Him!

Look! Some Kids Launched a Stuffed Puppy Into Space But They Need Your Help to Find Him!

Look at this absolutely adorable little stuffed puppy. Look! I can’t take my eyes off this precious little puppers, but if you can, note that behind it, you can see the earth.

That’s because this little fluff was in space!

He was apparently launched into the stratosphere by a group of schoolchildren in England. They stuck a GoPro, a GPS tracker, and a stuffed dog to a helium balloon in the name of science. No joke.

Unfortunately, the toy, who goes by Sam, became detached from the other materials and dropped 15 miles back to earth all alone. His spacecraft was found 48 miles from its launch point. They believe Sam will also be located within 40 to 50 miles of the site. Now, the kids have launched a campaign on social media for people in England to be on the look-out for their intrepid adventurer.

#FindSam has been trending on social media for a day, according to NBC.

The Moment Sam the Toy Dog Was Lost in Space #FindSam#FindSam UPDATE: Here is the moment we lost Sam in Space. Sam’s flight equipment landed safely around 48 miles away in East Lancashire, but film footage shows that Sam became detached prior to re-entry The search and rescue mission continues for our mascot Sam the Dog, who flew to the edge of space on Tuesday and hasn’t been seen since.We’ve been looking at the flight data closely over the past few days and when the helium balloon popped Sam was at 25.3 kilometres in altitude over the Waddington area of North East Lancashire. This is about 23 miles from the launch site but the equipment travelled about 48 miles during the entire journey so an exact fix is difficult to pinpoint. It was a pretty blustery day too with the prevailing winds still suggesting that Sam came to land within a 50 mile radius of where he was last seen. Our instincts are that he may have come to land somewhere between Waddington and BurnleyWe are offering a reward for the person who finds our missing mascot and can safely return him to the school children. Anyone who finds Sam the Dog should contact English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues on 01539 433 773.Full Sam in Space story, photos and video available at:

Posted by The Midland on Friday, April 8, 2016

Morecambe Bay Community Primary School principal Siobahn Collingwood was tasked with calling an assembly to tell her students what had happened. “You could have heard a pin drop,” she told NBC.

It was the kids who decided to launch the #findsam campaign, though. Here’s a parent from the school, Melissa Bearton:

They are all so determined. The ideas that they have been coming up with to find him have been amazing. They were heartbroken that he was lost. When you see the kids like that you just do anything you can to help.

So, what are you waiting for? Start tweeting!

#findsam #findsam #findsam

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