‘Loud Is Not A Program’: Krauthammer Slams Democrats On Health Care Obstruction

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden recently said on Twitter that Democrats needed to ‘get loud’ in their opposition to the GOP health care bill.

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer slammed Wyden and the Democrats for what he dismisses as an obstructionist approach to the GOP plan even as ObamaCare is collapsing before their eyes.

“Loud is not a program”, said Krauthammer. “They’re obsessed with the process, the secrecy.”

Democrats have accused the GOP of constructing their bill behind closed doors without any input from the minority party.

Krauthammer said that the American people don’t really care about the process of crafting the bill as long as the end result is positive.

“Americans don’t care one way or another if this plan was hatched in a winery or pulled out of a refrigerator,” he said. “All they want is something that works.”

Krauthammer believes that passage of the bill in the Senate is possible, “as long as Republicans talk about substance, not process, they’re already ahead of the game.”

[Watch above, via Fox News]

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