Massachusetts Sheriff Jokes About Assassinating President Obama At Republican Breakfast


To be clear, the joke wasn’t about assassinating the President at a Republican breakfast (he’s got royal food-tasters, doncha know?), the joke was made at a Republican breakfast. At a Republican Saint Patrick’s Day breakfast Sunday morning, Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald, Jr. (he’s the one wearing the star) celebrated our Most Irish President Ever by telling a joke in which President Barack O’Bama is visited, in a dream, by President Abraham Lincoln, who tells Obama to please get his brains blown out:

At a Massachusetts Republican Party St. Patrick’s Day breakfast Sunday, Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald, Jr. (R) “joked” that the nation would be better off if President Obama were assassinated.

Blue Mass Group reports that the Boston Globe noted the stunning comment Sunday:

McDonald offered a joke about Barack Obama being visited in a dream by three past presidents, who offered advice on how to improve the country. Lincoln’s advice: “Go to the theater.”

The alleged joke received “scattered laughter.”

It probably would have gone over better if Lincoln had told President Obama to go to a Ted Nugent concert. Then, instead of being shot in the head, the President would simply be subjected to the aroma of Nugent crapping his pants.

The blog Blue Mass Group notes that The Boston Globe removed the joke from their report of the event, without explaining why. A source at The Globe confirmed, to Mediaite, that there was no question about the accuracy of the account. The source did not further explain the editorial decision.

It’s hard to tell what’s worse, these days: a Republican who jokes about the assassination of President Obama, or one who’s serious about slavery being a perk-filled golden hammock. That’s okay, though, because Republicans have a plan, and they’re sticking it to you.

Update: ThinkProgress reports that McDonald is defending his joke, and comparing his critics to Nazis.

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