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Ted Nugent Compares Democrats to ‘Rabid Coyotes’: ‘Every Time You See One, You Shoot One’

Twitter Rails Against Ted Nugent For Saying Parkland Student Activists ‘Have No Soul’

Ted Nugent: ‘Evidence Is Irrefutable’ the Parkland Student Activists ‘Have No Soul’

Trumpers Outraged by Robert De Niro — But Cheered When Ted Nugent Did Worse

Can We Talk About Ted Nugent’s Predilection for Teenaged Girls Yet?

Ted Nugent Defends Trump: He Wasn’t Being Ambiguous, He Condemned ‘All Violence’!

Ted Nugent, of All People, Says It’s Time to Tone Down the ‘Hateful Rhetoric’

Ted Nugent Responds to People Comparing Him to Kathy Griffin

Spicer Dodges Question On Why Trump’s OK With Ted Nugent But Not Kathy Griffin

How I Would Program A Conservative TV Network Despite Being A Skeptic

‘Bring a Little Class’: The View Scolds Sarah Palin For Picture With Hillary Clinton Portrait

FLASHBACK: LGBT Activists Flipped Off Reagan’s White House Portrait in 2012

‘Immature, Childish, Foolish’: Ana Navarro Slams Palin, Nugent for Hillary Clinton Trolling

Ted Nugent on White House Trip: Someone Suggested We Flip the Bird at Hillary Portrait

‘Jesus Was Booked’: Palin Jokes About Bringing Ted Nugent and Kid Rock to White House

Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Sarah Palin Invade the White House: Twitter Goes Predictably Nuts

After Ted Nugent Gropes Himself at Rally, Trump Smacks Jay Z, Beyonce for Using Bad Language

‘I’ve Got Your Blue State Right Here!’: Ted Nugent Grabs His Crotch At Trump Rally

Ted Nugent Lets Loose on Obama: He ‘Wants a Race War’

Ted Nugent: ‘There’s Nothing More Anti-American Than the Freaks that Hate Me’

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